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  • opinion on simpsons.

    So, what do you guys think about Simpsons? What new stories would be nice to take place?

    I thnk the older Simpsons were the best because they were not unrealistic in the sense that the simpsons were not like everyday cartoon. They had reality to a certain degree and it was not comedy thru kinda had a story in every episode.

    2001-2003: The simpsons in my opinion went down a lot. They were incorporating too many jokes in their episodes and Homer just acted super idiotic.

    These days, the Simpsons have somewhat recovered but they should really try to make Homer smarter once again. The show should also explore the lives of other characters as well...just not Homer or Bart always.

    I believe stories which would make Simpsons more interesting was if Willy the School janitor got married to his counter part in Shellbyville. Also, stories where Lenny or Carl gets a girlfriend would also add spice to the show. Or how about Barney finally managing to get a job while also being drunk during weekends and after work like Homer?
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    Personally I don't like the simpsons. I just don't get the humour in all of it. Rather watch seinfeld or nothing at all.
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      i like it


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        I love it, also love Futurama, Southpark, and oh yeah... Seinfeld!


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          The Simpsons is my all-time favorite show.. it's sad, but I probably watch 3-4 episodes a day.. it's always on!

          Make Homer smarter? No way... the Simpsons does so well because they keep Homer stupid!

          Bart was the original focus of the show, but he became rather tiresome (don't have a cow man, cowabunga, eat my shorts, etc). I believe the Simpsons can credit it's success to the movement of the show from Bart as the main character to Homer, although the entire family all have their moments to shine.

          As well, the Simpsons has carefully added and developed so many characters and personalities that it will live on for many more years.

          I miss Phil Hartman's contributions so much.. RIP.
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            they're great

            They're really cool. Hope to see them around for a good while.
            The characters have really good voices in spanish too. It's so funny.

            two thumbs up for the Simpsons!





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              opinion on simpsons.

              I love 'em along with Futurama. Gotta love Matt Groening's style. They just should make more aviation references .