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Jewish extremist vows to kill Israeli PM

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  • Jewish extremist vows to kill Israeli PM

    PM demands action against incitement from the right

    Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has called on the Justice Ministry to take "energetic action to put an end to dangerous incitement" from the right.

    His comments came after an uproar by right-wing leaders over comments by Shin Bet chief Avi Dichter and Minister Gideon Ezra that there are elements on the right that could pose a threat to the prime minister's safety, trying to prevent implementation of his unilateral disengagement plan.
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    Man if you think the right is extreme in the U.S. just look at Israel and you're in for a shock. Bush and the Neo-Cons got nothing compared to them.
    Earl From Regina


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      Well I am Jewish and right of center however these clowns are simply nuts



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        Yeah but there is a big difference between being right and so very right that it makes you nuts.
        I'm not saying there aren't incredibly left nutso's out there 'cause there most definitely are.
        Earl From Regina


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          I'm not a big fan of Sharon's but there are more civilised ways of disposing of him: like voting him out of office the next time around!