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No topless women over 60, on beaches

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    I don't know Clovis, sometimes clothed good looking girls are classy.


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      I think the age should be lowered from 60 to 35, okay fine I'll make it 40 see I'm not discriminative at all... :P above 40 should not be allowed to walk around topless...

      Also Old Men and Guys 30 and above shouldn’t be allowed to set foot on nude beaches.... Hell, no man (except yours truly) should be allowed to set foot on the beach...


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        Originally posted by Leftseat86

        I swear I was about to ask her to TAKE HER F&%KING top off since it was ALLOWED on this BEACH....

        Jesus...if hot girls aren't gonna show me the goods at the beach they should just stay home.

        And 60 year olds should stay home in any case.


        Then after asking her to take off her would have met the
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          Or her husband
          You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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            Post some nude pics of the woman next door
            Some people in today's society are so thick!


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              ^^ What he said...


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                Think of this: one day, maybe, you will be so lucky to find a nice and beautiful woman with nice, firm, pointy, supple boobs with beautiful pink puffy nips and she agrees to marry you. The future: you and her grow older together. Her beautiful boobs (see description above) will sag, pink puffy nips will become brown and less puffy, after she suckled the kids you two got. You two go to the beach and some 18 year old kid tells your wife that older women with dangling boobs etc should be banned from going topless. What would you do then? Say 'yes, of course and excuse me for being not being young and beautful anymore'? Or would you just tell him to mind his own business, or even kick his teeth out? I agree, a set of nice tits is nice to look at. But we all grow older...

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