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Which one is your favourite Monty Python sketch ?

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  • srbmod
    Guest replied
    Of course, there's the obvious ones (Spam, Dead Parrot, Bruces, Nudge Nudge, Lumberjack, Crunchy Frog), but here's some of my favo(u)rites:

    Cheese Shop

    The Funniest Joke In The World

    Exploding Penguin on the TV set

    How Not To Be Seen

    Pretty much the entire "Spam" episode.

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  • ASpilot2be
    I like the one of the airline pilots getting bored. I dont know if it is a sketch, but I found a script for it.

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  • ACman
    They used to be broadcasted on our comedy network but it went off a year ago. I personaly like the "Spanish Inquisition" sketch

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  • Which one is your favourite Monty Python sketch ?

    A couple of years ago I videotaped the complete "Monty Python's Flying Circus" series, and I've just watched a few of them (again...). Those guys set a new defenition for the word "humour" in their days. Today, when a new team of would-be comedians are trying to be funny, they often will be announced as being "just as funny as the Mont Python team". And when you watch them they don't even come close.

    My all time favourites are 'The fish-slapping dance', and of course 'The ministry of funny walks'.

    Are their shows still broadcasted anywhere?