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General computer issues, advice anyone?

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  • General computer issues, advice anyone?

    When i shut down my computer, often it comes up with an "explorer illegal operation" sign. does explorer need an upgrade or something? I have win 98.

    Secondly every time i start my computer, when it comes up to the desktop it flicks to a green screen for about 2 seconds then goes back to my normal desktop picture. The whole screen doesn't go green just the area where the desktop image is.

    any help would be great


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    What version of IE are you running?
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        If you can, try to download Mozilla Firefox as a browser. I have never had any probs. with Mozilla after I got the same message when I had IE. It also has a built in pop-up blocker.

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          When it says Explorer peob, it's not reffering to Internet Explorer.

          The colour shows up as your desktop, then the normal desktop shows up. I used to have 2 pictures as desktop. Instead of flashing green, it was one pic, then the normal pic settled over top of it. It's to do with how you make your picture desktop picture. that colour is normal, although the operator isnt