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Taiwan gets "Double punch" typhoon

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  • Taiwan gets "Double punch" typhoon

    Taiwan is expecting to get a "double punch" from 2 typhoons - #19 Chaba and #20 Aere.

    Typhoon #20, classified as Category 2 storm is moving slowly to Taiwan @ approximately 6 miles per hour.

    #20 path

    Typhoon #19, Chaba, a super category 5 storm is moving NW, to pass through between Taiwan and Japan.

    The distance between the two is now approximately less than 500mi. When the distances between the two storms are within less than 700-800mi, the storms will be pulling each other, the bigger storm will pull the small one southward.

    However, the Pacific High Pressure is expected to lose its strength, which will pull the smaller storm northward. As a result of the "pulling game", the small storm will continue to gain its strength and stop moving.

    Typhoon Chaba (16/19) and Aere (17/20)
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    Just saw the radar here on the weather channel. Doesn't look to good for little Taiwan. It looks so small compared to the 2 massive storms. The second storm has winds of 180mph!