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    I'm trying to get my mom to take me to Keystone for Spring Break (March 26-April 1) for some snowboarding. I don't know how many of you all ski/snowboard or have been to Keystone, but if you have I have a few questions...

    -How are the slopes in late March?

    -What other activites are there besides the slopes?(my mom doesn't ski or board so she needs something to do)

    -Is the trip worth it, or should we go somewhere else like Beaver Creek or Copper Mountain.(Vail and Aspen are a little expensive)

    Do any of you have any other recomendations for ski resorts out west in the spring? thanks

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    meh... i say just go to Florida where its warm :P


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      Originally posted by Airbus_A320
      meh... i say just go to Florida where its warm :P
      We're already going to SXM in June so we didn't want to go south. I love snowboarding but I'm stuck here in Virginia with the little stuff. I want to go out to Colorado and see what snowboarding is all about.
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        Living in Colorado I might be able to give you some info,

        The slopes are still good in March. Since the elevation is much higher, it might be sunny in Denver, but a blizzard in the rockies.
        All of the mountain towns have other things to do other than skiing. If you get a nice enough resort you can leave your mom at the spa while you go out on the slopes.

        If Aspen and Vail are too expensive, then I would reccomend Breckenridge. Its a great little town with a ton to do. I would also reccomend Winter Park. My grandparents are up there so I go to visit them all the time,
        Up the road is Sol Vista. Oh and the Breckenridge site is
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        Another place I have been to a few times and enjoyed was Steamboat Springs.

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