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    Originally posted by egll
    There is a reason why me and George have similar sentiments on the issue, I lost two family members (my cousin and my grandma) to a drink driver a few years ago and the hurt never goes away.....meanwhile the drunk driver got a fine, was banned from driving for a couple of years and is now back behind the wheel and in all probability has driven drunk since then.

    Do I hate that guy?......Damn right I do-and always will.


    sorry to hear that.

    How does an airline thats going bankrupt sign new regional carriers, launch a discount airline, purchase new planes, AND repaint their fleet? I dunno, ask United.

    Fly1346 wrote: we have a SXM rite here at LGA!!! All you got to do is add the topless chicks

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      Regarding the second item.

      In California, if the DUI suspect chooses the urine test, when they arrive at the station, jail, etc. they must immediately empty their bladder. They must then be able to fill the cup for the test 20 minutes later. If they fail to complete the test, it is determined to be a failure to comply with the test and the suspect will automatically have their license suspended. It is thus better to choose blood or breath.

      This option was explained to a driver in my presence while I was on a ride-along with the Sheriff's Department when I was in the Explorers. The suspect had crashed with a bus and had a white, crystaline powder in his possession. Since drugs were suspected as well, his choice was urine or blood since the breath test does not check for drugs.

      I would not expect the first one to work either. The alcohol consumed at the scene would take time to enter the system. By waiting, the suspect would basically be ruining their own case by guzzling a bunch of booze and then waiting for it to enter his/her system.


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        well, there you have it.... the good doctor has spoken.....
        Work Right, Fly Hard.


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          the good doctor has spoken.....

          Unfortunately, I'm not a doctor (the paycheck would be nice). I don't have the creativity to make up a name like some on here. Those are my initals.


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            Just dont do it!
            - The baby will be back -