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    Here is a typical weekday for me:

    6:30am- Wake Up
    6:40am-Shower/Get Dressed/Morning Things
    7:15am-Leave For School
    7:20am- Arrive at School


    7:35am-9:05am Block One- Algebra Two
    9:05am-9:20am- 15 Minute Break
    9:20am-10:50am- Block Two- French Three
    10:50am-10:55am-5 Minute Passing
    10:55am-11:40am- English II
    11:40am-12:10pm- Lunch "B"
    12:15pm-12:55pm- Continue English II
    12:55pm-1:00pm- 5 Minute Passing
    1:00pm-2:30pm- Chemestry

    2:30pm- Leave School
    2:45pm-3:00pm Arrive Home
    3:00-4:30pm- Dinner
    5:00pm-8:00pm (M-Th-S) Work
    8:15pm Dinner
    8:30pm-11:30pm TV/Computer/Homework Whatever.

    How about you??

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    Work as in school work or a job?
    and if a job what about hw?
    - The baby will be back -


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      Work as in a job work...and I ment to put homework where the first dinner is. I have a job at Meijer...not so fun but hey its a living.

      Next Flights:

      October 14, 2006 - Airtran MDW-MSP
      October 16, 2006 - Airtran MSP-MDW


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        6:00-6:40: wake up, eat, go to stop
        7:03: bus arrives
        7:20: arrive at school

        School Day

        7:35-7:43: HR
        7:47-8:37: Bio I CP
        8:41-9:31: Depends on what i have on day
        9:35-10:24: Global Studies
        10:29-11:19: Lunch
        11:03-11:53: Alg I CP
        11:57-12:47: Spanish II CP
        12:51-1:41: English I CP
        1:45-2:35: Computer AP

        After school*

        *I go to the wieght room on tuesday's, wednesday's, and thrusday' work out.

        Get home at around 3:03
        8:00 Do homework
        10:00: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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          6:45am - Wake Up
          7:50am - Head to School
          8:00am - Get at School

          8:25am - 3:05pm

          No first period for me!

          2 - Chemistry
          3 A/B - Chemistry
          4 C/D - Physical Education
          5 - Math B
          6 - Web Design
          7 - Lunch
          8 - Spanish Honors IB
          9 - English Honors IB
          10 - U.S. History Honors IB

          3:20pm - Get home, depends if I have clubs or not

          3:55pm - If I have a club

          3 - 6pm - HW/Essays/Projects - Yes IB gives you A LOT of Work

          6pm - Dinner

          6:30pm - PSAT/Old SAT/SAT Kaplan Review **Only Tuesdays and Thursdays***(6:30-8:30)

          6pm + Chill/Relax/Surf the web/Talk with friends/Go outside
          - The baby will be back -


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            6:00-7:00 wake up (yes t takes an hour! )
            7:01-7:25 shower/dress/etc.
            7:25-7:35 breakfast
            7:35 or 7:40 leave for school

            School from 8:00-3:05 or 3:50 (depends on the day)

            4:00-11:00 waste time/computer/homework/dinner
            11:00-11:15 shower
            11:30 sleep....


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              7:00 AM:wake up
              7:30 AM:get up
              7:35 AM:turn on puter and surf the web
              8:15 AM:go to school

              School Day
              2.Small Engines/Auto shop
              3. English II
              4. Band
              5.World History
              6. Geometry
              7. DDF/Public Speaking

              3:10-5:00 DDF
              5:00 PM:Homework
              6:00 PM: Dinner
              7:00 PM: MSN Messenger/chill/talk/watch movies
              10:00 PM: Bed time
              You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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                  6:00am- Alarm goes off
                  7:25-bus to school

                  7:45-9:15 first block(French 4)
                  9:20-10:50 second block(Biology)
                  10:55-12:40 third block(gym/health)
                  12:40-1:05 lunch (4th lunch)
                  1:10-2:40 fourth block(Algebra 2)

                  2:45-4:00 eat/get online/watch TV
                  4:00-5:30 Homework
                  5:30-6:00 Dinner
                  6:00-10:00 Finish HW/talk online/talk on phone
                  10:30 Bedtime

                  6:00 Do it all again unless its the weekend
                  GO SIOUX


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                    I do my killin after breakfast....
                    Try to catch me flyin dirty...


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                      7.00 i wake up
                      7.15 morning stuffs
                      7.30 breakfast
                      7.50 leave for school on my bike.
                      8.00 paid work at ICT department.

                      8.30 Registration
                      8.45 Period 1/2
                      10.45 Break
                      11.05 Period 3/4
                      13.05 Lunch / Go home if there is no Period 5/6
                      14.00 Period 5/6 unless there is no lesson, in which case just relax at home

                      15.00 Go Home
                      15.20 Get Home, Turn on the PC, TV, etc
                      17.50 If im making my own dinner, off to wherever im buying my stuffs.
                      19.00 Dinner
                      19.30 PC/HW/TV,etc
                      23.00 Off to bed.


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                        6:30 get up
                        6:50 shower and get dressed and maybe grab a bite to eat
                        7:30 my ride to school comes and picks me up
                        7:33 arrive at school, hang out in the band hall until the little people start invading
                        8:05-8:50 Eng 4
                        8:50-9:15 tutorials
                        9:20-10:10 Physics
                        10:15-11:05 World History AP
                        11:10-12:00 Band
                        12:00-12:40 Lunch
                        12:45-1:35 Pre-Cal
                        1:40-2:30 BIMM (Business Image Multimedia; computer class)
                        2:35-3:30 Spanish 3
                        3:30-whenever go down to the band hall and hang out there until I can get a ride home

                        on Mondays
                        6:00-9:00 band rehearsal

                        on Wednesdays
                        6:00-7:00 youth then hang out for a while playing foosball and ping-pong then go home

                        on Fridays
                        same schedule, but classes are cut short and from 2:50-3:30 pep rally
                        3:30-5:30 hang out around the band hall then get dressed
                        5:45-6:00 get ready for a run through if it's a home game
                        6:00-6:30 rehearsal
                        6:30-7:00 line up outside the band hall and march in
                        7:00-7:30 warm-up, tune, etc.
                        7:30 GAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                        afterwards, go home or to 5th quarter
                        on away games, it depends on what time we leave
                        on Saturdays
                        try to catch up on sleep (not next weekend, though )

                        on Sundays
                        9:30-12:00;6:00-7:00 church then go home and go to sleep for the grueling week ahead


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                          Originally posted by mikecweb
                          I do my killin after breakfast....

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                            Originally posted by PIAA310
                            Originally posted by mikecweb
                            I do my killin after breakfast....

                            Sense of humor = 0


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                              Originally posted by Leftseat86
                              Originally posted by PIAA310
                              Originally posted by mikecweb
                              I do my killin after breakfast....

                              Sense of humor = 0
                              alcohol consumed = ???
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