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  • SGTD
    heres mine

    0530 wake up
    0600-0700 PT run about 2- 5 miles or do upper body work out or lower body
    0830 work call go to work at my motorpool work on humvees, or anything 2 and half tons or above
    1130-1300 lunch
    1300 back to the shop
    1630 clean up
    1700 end of work
    1705 dinner
    1745-0500 MY TIME

    this is my sch. while in korea and yes for everyone im US ARMY

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  • fly1346
    I could add mines now since im back at school

    6:10 wake up, pray
    6:15 Get ready for school, including shower, getting dressed,
    6:35-6:40 Leave home
    6:45 arrive at train station take the train till
    School Schdule:
    1 8:11 - 8:56 1st ped. US history
    2 9:00 - 9:46 2nd ped. Pre calculus
    3 9:50 - 10:40 3rd ped. Principles of Engineering
    AP 10:33 - 10:45
    4 10:44 - 11:28 10:30 4th ped either gym on tues, thurs, friday or physics on monday wednesday
    5 11:32 - 12:16 5th Ped Physics
    6 12:20 - 1:04 6th ped Free/Lunch
    7 1:08 - 1:52 7th ped FREE
    8 1:56 - 2:40 8th ped English
    9 2:44 - 3:29 9th Free

    Leave School at 2:40
    Get home at 4:15
    Relax eat a snack till 4 :30
    Use the computer till 5
    Do HW till 7 depending on the amount
    Go to the mosque at 7 10
    Come home at 8 relax read, use the pc
    Study for SAT from 8:45-10
    watch news from 10-10:15
    DO some extra studying use the computer
    10:45 go to sleep

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  • Ansett
    04:30 Alarm goes off
    05:00 Have breakfast
    05:30 walk to work
    06:10 Arrive at work
    06:20 Change into work clothes
    07:00 Breif who is allocated which jobs etc
    07:30 start shit
    08:00 Patrol
    11:30 Ref's 1
    12:00 Patrol
    13:00 ref's 2
    14:00 Patrol
    17:00 Debreif
    18:00 Finish work

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  • NOTAR520AC
    My morning is seriously like clockwork.
    6am: wakie wakie!
    6-6:20: breakfast
    6:20-6:30: pack up for school, review today's schedule
    6:30-6:40: shower
    6:45-7:00: dress, hygeine, etc.
    7: leave for school

    Arrive school @ 7:10-15
    First hour: Algebra 3-4A
    Second hour: World/European AP History
    Third hour: Spanish 5-6
    Fourth Hour- school newspaper production, section editor
    Fifth Hour: lunch
    Sixth Hour: Pre-AP English 3-4
    Seventh Hour: Chemistry 1-2A
    School ends 2pm

    2-5pm: School swim team (or 4-7 club swimming when school team not in season)
    Arrive home exhausted @ 5:15-ish
    Work on homework until leave for Taekwondo training @ 6:30
    Get back home even more exhausted @ 9:30

    Desperately try to finish homework and get to bed before 1am.

    That's my day in a nutshell.

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  • c72
    I see a bunch of students here. Any working people out there??

    7:30am wakeup
    8am shower, dress, hygiene
    9am work
    12pm lunch
    1pm work
    4pm off work
    4pm-11pm do whatever
    11pm sleep

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  • FrontierFlyer
    6:30am-Wake up
    6:30-6:40 Shower
    6:40-7:00 Breakfast, or any home work i for got the night before.
    --My School is on block schedule. 4 one and a half hour classes each day. A total of 8 classes.

    7:15 Block 1- Intro to Buisness--next semester= Team Sports
    Block 2- Honors English
    Block 3- Algebra 1/ Lunch (B) 35 minutes
    Block 4-Word Processing-- Next Semester= Weight Training

    Block 5- OFF
    Block 6- Global Studies
    Block 7- German 3/ Lunch (B) 35 minutes
    Block 8- Physical Science
    2:40- Cross Country Practice woo hoo!

    5:00 watch t.v., log on to, do homework, eat

    10:30 go to sleep

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  • N776AU
    my weekdays vary a good bit..but here goes

    6:10 get up, shower
    6:30 go downstairs and eat breakfast (watching Discovery Wings )
    7:00 leave for school
    7:10 AP World History
    8:20 German 1
    9:30 Honors Sophomore LA
    10:30 Honors Geometry
    11:30 Wind Symphony
    12:45 Lunch
    1:10 Honors Chemistry

    This is where it varies

    2:45 Get Home, do what homework I have, then just w/e
    7:00 Dinner
    7:30 finish homework, so what ever
    10:30 go to bed so I won't wake up so dog tired

    2:45 Get Home, do what homework I have, then just w/e
    6:30 Leave to go bowling
    7:00 Dinner with friends @ Popeyes
    11-ish Get back home, go to bed

    Tuesday and Thursday
    3:00 Marching Band till 6, I never leave school
    6:15 Do Homework I have, then just do w/e
    7:00 Dinner
    7:30 just w/e
    10:30 try to moderate the time I go to bed

    2:10 Stay at school for football game, sometimes walk to Burger King
    6:15 Get in Uniform
    7:00 Game
    11:30 Get home, go to bed

    thats my typical week

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  • FlyCharlestonSC
    I do that too, but only for an hour.

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  • northerner2121
    Originally posted by Katamarino
    Why do you set your alarm 2 hours before you get up!?
    It takes me absolutley forever to wake up... Usually I don't even notice the alarm is going off till 6ish. And even then, I like the feeling of knowing you have 9 more minutes...

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  • DeltaRules
    School Day:
    6:45AM- The excruciating task of getting out of bed.
    7:00AMish- Eat breakfast
    7:10AM- Leave for school
    7:30AM- School "starts"
    7:58-8:38AM- Contemporary Issues...the easiest history class ever.
    8:42-9:22AM- Office Aide...and I'm getting an A+ for it as long as I stay with it.
    9:26-10:50AM- Physics & a Lab or Study Hall the second 40 minutes
    10:54-11:34AM- La clase de Espanol (Spanish)
    11:35AM- Go home, even though school ends at 2:30. I mean it. See below for an explanation...

    Monday & Friday:
    11:50AM-9:30PM- Eat, watch TV, do homework, fly FS2004, Football games on Friday nights, etc etc.

    Tuesday & Thursday (starts 9/21...see Mon & Fri's sched):
    11:35AM- Go home & go back to the college or leave HS & go straight to local college for classes (which count as both HS & college credit)
    1-2:50PM- Math (Pre-Calculus)
    5:30-7:50PM- English
    7:50PM- Go home.

    Wednesday (starts 9/22...see Mon & Fri's sched):
    11:35AM- Go home, do whatever until 5:30pm or so.
    5:45PM- Leave for local college
    6-8:50PM- Geography class @ the college
    8:50PM- Go home.

    8:30-11:00AM- Get up
    11:00AM-12:00AM- Do whatever.


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  • uy707
    Back to topic

    06.00/06.15 or so, rise an eyebrow
    07.00 actually rise up, then sip a cup of coffee, and wash up
    07.45/08.00 leave my appartment building and head to nearby suburban railway station
    08.00/08.15 get on platform and pulls up my harmonica, step into the first car of the morning, which will usually end at
    01.30/02.00 get a lunch
    02.30/03.00 go to Access Academy cybercafé,
    -do the threads I am posting for you
    -add listings in allaviation
    -deal with the paper work : the e-mails waiting for me on Yahoo!
    -consult quite a few websites related to aviation, news, immigration and work abroad, New Zealand and Australia and more
    06.00/07.00, depending on how long and how many sites I browsed in, close my connection and go back to strolling music until ....
    08.30/09.00, get my dinner, a walk or something else : this can be back to Access Academy ...
    10.00/10.30, back in the flat, get another shower and sort more safety cards, magazines and slides for listing and scanning, until well very late, not before midnight.

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  • Katamarino
    Ummmm....Pina Colada? Reminds me of Barbados!

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  • Leftseat86
    Yep...what do you like?

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  • Katamarino
    Oooo, you can come serve us cocktails

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  • Leftseat86
    Did I tell you I double as a bartender?

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