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    Originally posted by PIAA310
    Originally posted by Avianca 757
    Well, in Bogotá they got an 8 years old girl with 8 months pregnancy...
    ****!ing abusers!
    I heard that the reproductive system doesn't even 'kick up' until they are 13 or somthing...
    Most of the time it starts at 11. It can start as early as 7 or as late as 14.


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      The average women begin menstruating and overall developing at ages 13 - 14, but there's a tendency for development to begin earlier and earlier (in the beginning of the XX century women averagely began menstruating at ages 16 - 17).

      The thing is that although nowadays development begins like at 13, there are some cases of REAL early development (ages 7 - 9), like the girl I talk about.

      The fact is that she was abused, and now, the lil 8 years old girl has 8 months pregancy, and the case has become a national thing, even the president has addressed it. The girl and his brother were already retired from their home and are under the government protection by now.

      Talk about fucked up people...


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        Glad to hear the baby is alive.