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    Pics are kind large Sorry.

    Post some 'sick' photos next time
    Some people in today's society are so thick!


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      Nice pics Ansett. Good to see more from Down Under.
      Thanks for visiting
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        Asia's World City
        Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China:
        Hong Kong Tourism Board:


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          Ansett, Got yourself a huge dust spot there. Either that are there's a tiny cloude following you everywhere I like Circular Quay, the Rocks and all that area. Nice photos


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            Re: Your city/town/neighborhood

            Originally posted by matt1168

            A typical city neighborhood.

            Hey, isn't that the place Tyler Durden lived at in "Fight Club" after his alter ego's Ikea apartment blew up?


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              Taken a few minutes ago.
              From garage

              Driveway filled with my siblings car's
              Windstar on left front. Jetta on right front. Civic left front. another civic right front. Accord on side of street

              Taken at 1.2mp...sorry for the darkness.
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                Originally posted by PIAA310
                Taken a few minutes ago.
                From garage

                Taken at 1.2mp...sorry for the darkness.
                That is freaking scary dude ...

                that looks exactly like my mother's house and street, but she lives in NJ. Hell even the colors of the house are identical, as are every single window placement.


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                  Sorry that was a fingerprint smudge
                  Some people in today's society are so thick!


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                    Here is around my house in little lonly Haines AK:
                    Looking out the front door

                    The House

                    And my backyard, which is great for sledding
                    You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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                      My wonderful little hometown of Clarion, PA:

                      I love my town.

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                        nice pics!

                        looks like a cool, pleasant little town!


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                          Here is a photo taken on a hill right next to my house.

                          Its a pretty nice area, but the other side of town and the next door town are really ghetto. If you walk around the other side of town from 8:00pm-5:00am you can expect to be muged, if you walk around there at day you can expect to meet alot of crackheads. If you talk shit to anybody you can expect to be shot. I know it sounds bad, but if you know your place and where its safe to go its one of the best places in MASS.

                          Here is a photo of me.

                          I am surprised at the neighbourhoods most of you live in, they look like highclass suberbs and places in the country. Very nice neighbourhoods everybody, but the city is the place for me! Have a nice day!


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                            Hey KBOS, great shot...

                            Most of us live in those kinds of places because its our parents thats the truth. I wouldn't like to live in the city though, too crowded for me...but if i lived in a city to start out with i would have probably liked it.
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                              Thanks PIAA, living in the city has its ups and downs. Theres lots of fun things to do, nice view of the skyline, everthing is right there and easy to get to. On the other side, bad parking, very loud, crowded, if your not a local and your driving around my town with those crazy boston roads and sombody gives you the wrong directions to your destination you could end up stranded in the ghetto. Lucky for me, there is a new parking lot very close with lots of open spots for me to park!


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                                I live in the city to! Its not bad at all. better tehhn suburbs i believe. Think about it your close to all! In the suburbs you prob have to get in a car and drive 10 minutes to get to the market, here its a short walk! And you learn a lot by growing up in the city! I love queens, just cant wait till I move to a richer part LOL!
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