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Best Antivirus program?

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  • Best Antivirus program?

    I'm looking for a new antivirus program which I want to use on my computer. I have tried Norton Antivirus 2003 and didnt like it because it was slow, and hogged a lot of memory, also Nod32 which has problems during installation, and Trend Micros PC-Illin 2004 has a firewall that I dont need because I have ZoneAlarm.

    Does anyone use a good one they currently like and not one listed above?
    I'm looking for fast cleaning, low memory usage, no firewall prefered.
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    I've never had any issues with MacAfee...i've used them ever since my Norton free trial expired...

    MacAfee VirusScan

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      i have mcafee also, but i think its a little too agressive, and i have AVG, its a free virus scanner
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        Best Antivirus program?

        Well, I have been using Norton for close to 2 years now (still free ), and have been very happy with it, especially with the Live Update and the chance to download the latest virus definitions.



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          nothing, i dont care much for virus thingys, i never usewd one the last time. The computer screwed itself up. No virus. But my parents insisted this time we get one.


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            A word of advice from my experience: stay away from Norton. It's more a pain in the ass than it is helpful.


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              I've used Norton for quite some time and never had any problems. Plus you can buy a version on ebay for about US$5 that includes 12 months of updates.
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                I decided to go with McAfee.
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                  Why don't you try the free ones?
                  I use AVG ( and the few viruses I've had have been fixed with it, it also has the newest definitions and stuff.
                  Give it a try.