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30th Stearman Fly-In

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  • 30th Stearman Fly-In

    Here in Galesburg, IL we have a tradition known as the Stearman Fly-In. For several days a few hundred Stearman swarm our local municipal airport, KGBG. I thought I would let any of you classic plane enthusiasts know about it. If you have any questions, just ask.
    It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand.

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    Nice to read this one, will you post a few pictures ?
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      That event sounds like heaven on Earth. While I love jets, there is just something about open cockpit biplanes that I love. I had the chance last year to fly in a New Standard Biplane at the National Air Tour stop @ FFC, and there's something about the wind whistling through the wires, the wind in your face, and the Snoopy hat and goggles. I must have been an aviator in a past life, as Stearmans have always been my favorite biplane. I may have to go digging through my box of old photos as I think there's a few shots of them I took when I was a teenager (Damn, that makes me sound and feel old!).


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        Bah, the last day and I couldn't go out there. Hopefully some of the people will stick around tomorow. There were over 224 Stearman there. We had people from as far away as Australia. I did get to see a Lockheed Connie that a team of people flew in. It pays to look out the window during class. (Our high school is right below the a flight path for our airport) Got a picture in the paper of someone who had a GeeBee that visited for a day. I'm in favor of bringing back aircraft racing. I'll try and get out of school a little early(not that I'm jeopardizing my education or anything ) and get some pictures.
        It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand.