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NSW police get in-car cameras

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  • NSW police get in-car cameras

    NSW's 344 police highway patrol cars will be fitted with video cameras in a bid to improve officer safety and provide an extra record of evidence.

    Police Minister John Watkins said the cameras, worth $8.6 million, would be based on similar systems in Europe and the United States.

    Installation would begin in October.

    "The cameras and microphones start rolling before officers leave their cars, recording their every word and action, and the details of the cars and drivers our police pull over," Mr Watkins said.

    "Ultimately, when offenders realise they have been caught on camera, they will be less likely to plead not guilty when the matter comes before the courts."

    Damn, what about the talks between the officers about personal natures? and stuff that does not require anyone else
    Some people in today's society are so thick!