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Seen Previews For The New Crashed Airliner Series On ABC??

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    there after viewers not the truth
    Some people in today's society are so thick!


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      Originally posted by Carolina_Sky
      Originally posted by DeltaRules
      The fuselage from the part where the engine explodes behind a couple of the people looked like it had Delta's old stripes on it...did they scrap & use part of an L-1011 fuselage for it?

      Damn, you were right on the money. Good eyes. When I surveyed another "" site, a thread said "Lost" used one of Delta's old 1011's out of the desert for it.
      Wow ! I was right. I saw the DL stripes & figured that it was an L-1011, but wasn't



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        Re: Seen Previews For The New Crashed Airliner Series On ABC

        Originally posted by SWA733Captain
        Originally posted by Carolina_Sky
        So what will cause this sudden calamity? Here are my votes
        It's a TV show. Ment to be entertaining, not accurate.
        Oh yeah, entertainment...I almost forgot. I suppose if this POS delivered some I'd cut it some slack. Since it doesn't, I won't.

        Do boat/ship/yacht fans pick on Gilligan's Island?
        Do car nuts pick on Dukes of Hazard?
        Do airnutters pick on Airplane?

        Why? Because even with plot holes the size of the Lincoln Tunnel, all of those are entertaining. Lost is/will be a flop along the lines of the Magic Johnson Show, XFL, and who knows how many other shows before it that tanked because it fails to entertain.