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  • my new home

    hey all! Im moving this week.... my girlfriend and I have decided that we were gonna move closer to our works.... Found a beauty appartment 5 minutes by car to my work (which is the airport) Used the gps to figure out where it was in relation to the airport, plugged it into flight sim and heres what I got....

    Too bad in the 7 years Ive been working there, theres only beel like 6 RWY 10 Arrivals .... not that they fly right over there, but Id like to see what it'd look like from the deck....

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    Ill use those co-ordinates to hunt you down! No no no, Pretty sweet, Its like me. I step out of me house, bike for about 10 min ( did i mention moutian bike ) and then im at the closed runway at the nearist AFB


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      Hmm, I have drove near KALB many times but never have seen any planes landing. I dont think it recieves a lot of traffic.
      - The baby will be back -


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        theres not much traffic here thats true, but it all comes in spurts.... we get like 10 or 12 arrivals at once (within 10 minutes) then they all leave and the prosess repeats in an hour or so.... keeps us small crews busy anyway... Id hate to work somplace busy, Id have to work instead of taking pics all day!!