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  • Cell phone risks

    I have heard one can develop brain tumors by excessive use of them and they also interfere with aircraft navigation equipment if used onboard, just wanted to add here that whenever my cell is lying next to the computer when I'm on the net, five seconds before it rings for incoming calls, the entire imagery in the monitor starts to vibrate and lines start forming on screen, I have now started using these signs answer my phone rather than wait for the bell to ring, anyone else experience this? risky piece of technology, wonder what other weird stuff can it do.

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    If you turn your speakers up and call your Cellphone you will hear distortion as the call is recieved.

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      Well I read a "From the left seat" in airliers mag No.87 (May/June 04') about a pilot who was flying the MD-80 when all of the sudden auto-pilot dissconnects, he puts it back on, deiscon's again! they found out someone was using a cellphone.

      I was on one once talking to someone when i heard a baby monitor kick in, "time to change your bum bum!", I laughed, the "Oooh! you made a dirty mess!" Serious. These things can also cut into 14ch walkie talkies (ive had one tap into the RCMP dispatch line while playing a game of skilled-type guns a decade or so ago). Didnt anyone hear of the black new-york woman who was evesdropped on?