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Key Bank Rant.....

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  • Key Bank Rant.....

    Hey all, Im soooo happy about my experience with Key Bank today, I have to share all the fun-loving details!!!(mind you that this is local, and I dont know how things are in other places)

    First off, I have a check in my hand (returned deposit on the last appartment) and it is one of Key Banks checks.... I figured Id cash it at keybank cause, Im gonna use the cash to buy a washer tonight and its its thier check right??? well.... I get in the car and head off to wolf road, cause thats the closest one. That one isnt there anymore!!! so I head off to Latham, and that one is under construction... So I hit up the one on central ave, FINALLY a keybank that still exists.... So I put my stuff on the counter and the woman says "do you have an account with keybank?" And I replied very politely "no" and she says "well you can cash the check but its going to be a $5.00 fee.... I reply "thats fine"... so we were that far along and she says, "because of the ammount of money (and it wasnt even that much mind you) were going to need a second form of identification"... "thats cool" I reply, as I dig out my wallet from the pocket I had JUST PUT IT BACK IN after standing there for a minute as she investigated my license.... I hand her my social security card and she inspects that.... and decides that its not fake...."one more thing" she says as she places a black tub on the counter.... "were going to need your right thumb print somwhere on the face of the check".... Im like "OK" (getting a little disheartened at this time) So I plop my thumb in the vat and smear a nice clear print on the check.... I say, "wow, looks like you guys have got alot of security measures" and she replies "you never can tell who somone is, and the finger prints dont lie" OK NOW IM STARTING TO FEEL LIKE A CRIMINAL..... I dont mind the whole fingerprint thing, cause the Government already has my digital fingerprints, along with a retna scan (yeah it does feel like star-trek) for my Job at the airport... but it was almost humiliating that people cant be trusted for face value.... and the fingerprint thing? If it was hooked up to a scanning database, maybe it will help, but sombody could be long gone with that $6,000,000 check cashed.... lucky for them mine was only $600.00....OH wait $595.00 cause it obviously costs that much to process one of thier OWN checks.....
    -Thinkin the world is a funny place,