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12 October 2002

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  • 12 October 2002


    You hurt us bombing Bali, but we can take the pain,
    But if you think you'll beat us you can think a-bloody-gain
    We battled at Gallipoli and we fought the bloody hun
    Of all the ar*eholes we've had to face you're just another one

    You won't get your hands dirty, you won't fire a gun
    Whenever danger threatens you just pack your gear and run
    You brainwash innocent children to do your evil deeds
    Careful not to let them know just where it really leads

    You get them to believe all your bigotry and lying
    Until they cannot see that there's no glory in their dying
    Now we'd like to pose a question, answer if you can
    Where does your holy book tell you to kill your fellow man?

    Now listen hard and listen well, we're giving you the word
    You're never gonna beat us you spineless bloody t*rd
    You'd never face us personally you haven't got the guts
    You know that if you ever did we'd have your bloody nuts

    Our spirit is unbroken, and our heads are still unbowed
    We sure as hell aren't scared of you and your gutless crowd
    So get your act together -- you'll never win because
    What you're really up against is the spirit that is Aus

    - Author unknown
    No makeovers please .....

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    same could be the same for 9/11 just change a few words.

    Words well said!


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      Ya could.... or you could just let the victims of Bali have their own special day .. TODAY.

      No makeovers please .....


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        Al Qaeda blows.


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          RIP for all the victims

          btw Bron, haven't seen you around in a while, where you been?


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            SE: I've been sitting here trying to figure out HTF I managed to have time to do everything I used to do ... today I have

            1. fed the baby
            2. played with the baby
            3. put the baby to bed
            4. washed clothes
            5. dried clothes
            6. given all the Harlequin books in the shed to a lady down the street
            7. more clothes in dryer
            8. fed the baby
            9. changed the baby
            10. talked to agencies about jobs (3)
            11. run to the post office
            12. put the baby to bed
            13. got the baby up
            14. ebayed
            15. sat the baby in front of a bugs life
            16. made copies of 6 DVD's
            17. made a VCD of baby pics for the grandiemahs
            18. changed the bandage on my hand (got stitches)
            19. cleaned & sterilised baby bottles
            20. working on a job app (7 to go)
            21. fed the baby
            22. changed the baby
            23. pondered lunch
            24. taked to some friends on the net
            25. ebayed some more (watching some clothes for the boys)
            26. answered all my emails (about 100 so far today)
            27. moved some stuff in the dining room so Glenn can put some bookshelves in there
            28. continued cleaning out the library to make a baby's room
            29. showered
            30. cleaned my room
            31. ironed
            32. watched part of Van Helsing

            and it's 1:24pm .. by 3:30 everyone else will be heading home ... and I haven't even had breakfast
            No makeovers please .....