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Some Pictures from DAB ... Air Force One

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  • Some Pictures from DAB ... Air Force One

    Today George Bush came to town for like 3 hours.. here are some random pictures I am always takingl.. enjoy:

    Went down toward the flee market to see Air Force One arrive. The Press Aircraft had a lot of people confused.. maybe bush was using a Primaris 757? But our doubts quickly disolved when a 747 flew by

    AirForce one departing... blowing some of that damn florida sand that is everywhere...

    After Air Force One departed, Michael Rosa (Photographer: XiPHiAS) and I went over to watch the Commercial Departures

    Even though the pres. was gone.. the cops were still a pain in teh ass... patrolling and trying to keep everyone to the other side of the road.. away from teh fence...

    The good shots are being uploaded of course... so be sure to check my pics


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    Nice pics!......did the cop stop you and tell you to get out of there??
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      Damn you Adam, I went down to COS the other day to try and get Air Force One and just missed it.

      Either way nice shots


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        I like your first pic


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          Last time I was at DAB I visited a buddy who worked at an FBO down there, (Jet Aviation or somthing) anyway, there was a Richard Petty Shrine on the wall in the Lobby, and one of the pics is Air Force 1 Landing with The king speeding down the backstretch..... pretty intense photo..... has anyone else seen it?

          By the way NICE PICS!!!


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            Nice pics... Just had a sneaky peak at the one's in the queue too. Very good Adam



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              Nice photo report, including the cop' Ford !!!
              Thanks for visiting
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                Originally posted by EGCC
                Nice pics... Just had a sneaky peak at the one's in the queue too. Very good Adam

                Me, too. Indeed nice pics Adam.

                Just out of curiousity, how come you didn't take a photo of AF1 from the same angle as the 757? Would have been a killer with that light!
                Will F.
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