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Wireless card isn't!?!

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  • Wireless card isn't!?!


    I bought a wireless card a few months ago, and now its not working for some reason. Its a D-Link DWL-520 802.11b

    I think that there is somthing wrong with the IP, i called tech support...freaking out sourceing!..couldn't understand a word he said...but the problem is that the IP is high..EG
    And there is no SUBNET MASK.

    I read on the manual that if you have more than one computers on the network..the IP address should be like this... and the SUBNET MASK should be and the IP address for the next computer should be and the SUBNET MASK

    But the IP on the desktop is different from the one of the laptop...and the desktop doesn't even have a subnet mask #....

    I don't know how to fix this...Anyone know how to fix it??
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