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  • Nightmares!

    If you want, tell us about any nightmares you might've had....I had the worst so far earlier in the year.

    For some unknown reason I was on this island with three other people, friends I guess (although the people were not people I know/have seen from real life).

    Meanwhile, this island was weird because while I (and the people I was with) were people from now, the island, other inhabitants and buildings seemed to be from the 19th and extremely early 20th century.

    The island was had large hills, fogs, banana plantations, only dirt tracks, and a bizarre -and extremely unnerving- scientific 'laboratorium' (as it was called in the nightmare). In the lab there were like lots and lots of large glass jars with (deceased) specimens of lizards, butterflies, fruitbats etc etc etc. Deceased parrots, owls etc which had been mounted in various poses. Oh and by the way there was a cage with living monkeys in it.

    Anyhow the whole island was really eerie and creepy, and the people who lived there wore extremely heavy clothes (despite a really hot temperature) and drank lemonade under fancy umbrellas, next to the banana plantation.

    To cut to the chase, well my friends started disappearing. I was in exclusively male company, aged around 25 to 29. The first guy went missing shortly after getting to the island, and the other 2 walked around with me, and we explored the place, and the 'laboratorium'. Anyhow just as the sun was setting the other 2 people I was with decided to go and search for the first person, and told me to stay put next to the banana crops and lab (the 2 things were within like 50 metres of each other).

    Bear in mind that all I kept sensing was something not quite right, it was like this atmosphere of encroaching danger.

    I waited and waited outside on the steps of the closed-up lab and around the dirt track. I walked over to the edge of the bananas and looked over my shoulder, and strangely enough the lights in the lab had come on again, so I thought I would go inside (stupidly, stupidly, stupidly).

    Anyhow I went in through the doors, and all of a sudden I realised the lights were not in fact on inside, it must've been a trick or something. All I could see was moonlight feflecting off the glass. I walked around the lab, casually looking at this and that.

    Then the monkeys started going off their brains, and jumping wildly around their cage. I noticed shadows, and there were 3 or 4 -really tall- figures coming towards me. Note that was no tacky sort of stuff like glowing eyes etc. Just tall figures, I suspect men and women, all moving toward me. I couldn't see faces well, but knew I didn't really want to either.

    I started throwing glass jars, not that it helped. I woke up just as hands were being laid on me.

    I was so terrified! I very nearly screamed (first time ever). Still unnerves me something shocking that nightmare. It might sound tame, but oh my goodness it was absolutely terrifying for me.

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    Blair Witch Project 3?? I must admit that my dreams rarely have such detail, and even if they do I forget them quickly.
    YBBN - James


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      Ive had a few myself, mostly reoccuring ones..... The most popular one for me for many years was being stuck in a tornado and being so afraid that I cant move or talk.....Just freeze......while ones Id like to protect are taken away from me......

      The other one is probably one of the dreams most airport workers have had atleast once or twice..being a plane crashes just outside at the airport...Ive never witnessed this horrible occasion in real life, but In the dream It feels Scary.. I've also had had a dream where Im outside on the ramp, and everybody I know is in the building I work at, and a huge plane wanders off course and bashes the building down..... (dream is pre 9-11-2001)
      (little reoccuring theme of losing friends and loved ones?....maybe I need therapy!!)
      I looked up what the tornado dream is supposed to be on some website online and it says the tornado is "sombody who Storms in and out of your life, and usually lmesses up your life... and the people who I try to protect are the most important people in your life...(my brother).....
      little window in to the sub-consious world....


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        I have had dreams that I was in a car accident and had a concussion...and I woke up because I bumped my head on my metal headboard/railing.
        I have had dreams that I was falling...and then woke up on the floor next to my bed.
        Once my brother woke me up because I was screaming "No! Don't jump!" but I didn't remember any of my dreams after I had woken up. I can only wonder what was going through my head.
        I have had lots of other nightmares (aliens, nuclear war, family dying, etc.), but I can't really remember any specifically.

        Maybe I can harness my dreams to predict things in the aviation world...I once had a dream about flying a delta CRJ from CHS-LGA and the next day, delta added a 4th CRJ on the CHS-LGA about a nightmare...a CRJ!


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          Black wolves eating me alive
          Witches killing me
          Son of Sam kililng me
          Tornado killing my family while I'm watching, then killing me
          Dying of smallpox, mumps, malaria
          Dying of hunger, starvation, etc
          Going to hell (I'm not even Christian!)

          And yes, all these are recurring. They have happened (used to happen) almost every night for a period of my life.


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            An when you want to run,and you can´t never happed to you?
            Jorge LimaŽ


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              I know im Canadian, but bush being president
              When I vote in Canada, Voting Liberal
              AC being taken over by ONEX
              Liza Mineli moving next door
              Nova Scotia Being nuked by reds or middle eastern rebels (taliban)
              Huge a$$ war between taliban and US
              Being hunted down by a Peterbuilt blue truck (reoccouring)


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                One of my night mares was:
                I looked out my window while my Mum was putting the washing out, and the sky turned into Fire, me, my mum, my two brothers and my brother's freind all took cover...then I woke up in shock.
                [ MattC ]



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                  I had a dream where someone just kept stabbing my lower leg, and wouldnt stop, and I woke up with a horrible cramp in my lower leg. Hurt so bad!
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