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TONS of Iraqi explosives missing.....

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  • TONS of Iraqi explosives missing.....

    Great......Just great......

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    Considering how much crap we've found over there, it is no surprise that stuff is missing. General Tommy Franks said that Saddam had more ammunition, explosives, and other munitions than "I've ever seen in my life." If that much is really missing, it wasn’t hauled away by a couple of people and a truck. It took a concerted effort over many days with lots of people and vehicles. Most likely it was shipped off by Saddam or stolen before U.S. troops were even in the area.

    Of course the real purpose of this story is to give John Kerry and the DNC something else to bash the President on.


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      While this to me is no big shock, it makes me wonder just how many of these weapons will work correctly, if they even work at all. Many of the weapons found were POS's that wont work, so while some may work, i dont think this should be a HUGE concern.


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        the irony is those "missing explosives" could very well have been once supplied to iraq by the US government and Britain along with private corporations, when Iraq was fighting Iran.


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          What the media didn't tell you was that it had been missing for 18 months. Prior to U.S. arrival at the depot. But now NBC came forward and announced that.


          Equipment: A camera (who gives a rip about the brand?)