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Fell off the bike....:(..(not me)

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    Sounds like someone just forgot their Nalgene.



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      Originally posted by PIAA310
      "so i think she's more shocked"

      yeah, she was just lying there for 20 minutes...
      i wouldn't have said that, if you putted it in your message
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        Originally posted by ATLcenter
        You never know sometimes...

        People often think they're alright but four hours later they're on a hostpital gurney b/c of injuries sustained. I learned that after my grandfather fell off a horse, walked up a 10,000 ft mountain, enjoyed twelve more hours of life and died in Delhi three weeks later in a coma.

        So no, it may not be taxpayer money being wasted.
        Yeah, I heard about a teenage girl who got hit in the head in a field hockey game. She said she was alright, but when she went home she lied down and died!


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          Jeez your ambulances are expensive, first time i needed one, lets see, cost nothing and cause i was about 4 they gave me a teddy bear. Second time, lets see, nothing, no teddy bear though (I was about 12). When my brother broke his arm, lets see, nothing.

          Free ambulance service here in NZ.
          Sam Rudge
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            Man you must be bored to resort to posting photos of some unfortunate sole lying on the ground. But then to follow it up with a story board of photos is just plain odd.


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              Yup you pretty much summed it up there dan

              don't take it too personally
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                Ambulances are not free in NZ.

                If you are a member of St. Johns and pay their fee (something like $50 a year) then Ambulances only cost $50. Other wise its $400+.

                Same in Australia, join up with the Ambo's and pay a yearly fee but get cheap ambo rides when ya need em.


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                  Been free for me and my brother. Never paid a cent.
                  Sam Rudge
                  A 5D3, some Canon lenses, the Sigma L and a flash