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Arafat 'brain dead'

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    nice backup, herpa......
    Work Right, Fly Hard.


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      Originally posted by Longreach747
      Originally posted by herpa2003
      I don't wish death on anyone really, but Arafat was a pretty bad person...
      for wanting a homeland for the millions of displaced Palestinian refugees?? granted, his methods back in the 70's and 80's were crude, but when your fighting a US backed military with stones and antiquated weapons you do resort to desperate measures. and lets not go near Ariel Sharon's beautiful record, especially when it comes to Sabra and Shatilla, the man who oversaw the massacre by the Phalange in the 80's, for which close to 2000 men, women and children died in the refugee camps in under 48 hrs, so lay off the one sided view.

      for 50 years UN resolutuion 242 has been ignored, only thing we've seen is more settlements on land that should have been handed back to Palestinians.
      I don't know how to sum this all up but here goes.
      Arafat is a horible man!!! Yes he has so called tried to make peace with Israel but Arafat says he wants all of Israel or most of it. He wants the Golahn Heights the only hills in Israel which are very important because it provides a look out for attackers coming from Syria. Let me just say that Arafat is a very bad man and he is one terriost for Bush to cross off his list. Do I think Arafat should die? No, but he is one person not helping to achive peace in Israel.


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        Personnally, I feel no remorse ...........
        He left
        - his succession unresolved, in turn likely leading to a fractious war between all parties. Instead
        He used up
        -several promising, younger and more competent guys. Leaving the latters with no options but to squabble between each other.
        -three Israeli PMs by his constant carpet-bagging, until his most intimate foe Mr Ariel Sharon got elected !!!
        As pointed at by many newspaper, he just became another absolute and autocratic ruler.
        One more reason to believe this country to be prickiest in its kind
        Can't wait until 2007 and see Nicolas Sarkozy and his atlantist standings clean up the mess.
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          This is on a par with Carrot Top dying. Marvelous...


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            Originally posted by Chris Kilroy
            Good riddance.

            Anyone who blew up a 707, a VC-10, and a DC-8, and several days later, a 747, does not deserve to walk this earth.

            Not to mention that he's the father of terrorism, and for some reason, has never been punished for any of his actions.


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              Originally posted by Leftseat86
              This is on a par with Carrot Top dying. Marvelous...