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What's On Your Photography WISH LIST?

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  • What's On Your Photography WISH LIST?

    Since this isn't aviation or digital processing I decided to put this thread here:

    What is on your photograohy wish list? What new equipment would you like to have (body, lenses, tripod, filters whatever). Be specific.

    To go with my D70 I would like...

    1. The Nikon SB800DX speedlight.
    2. An extra battery to have charged and waiting for the D70.
    3a. Nikkor 200-400mm f/4 G-AFS ED-IF VR Lens ($5,499) OR
    3b. Nikkor 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6D ED VR Lens ($1,429)
    4. Nikkor 105mm f/2.8D Micro Autofocus Lens $649
    5. Nikkor 14mm f2.8D ED Autofocus Lens ($1,399)
    6. Epson Stylus 1280 Photo Printer
    7. Titanium Bogen/Manfrotto Tripod
    8. Larger Gear Bag, preferably Lowepro or Tamrac
    9. UV, Polarizing and Grad ND filters to match my new lenses.
    10. A couple of remote slave flashes.
    11. Reflectors for portraits.
    12. Nikon CoolWalker image tank.
    13. Nikon ML-L3 remote shtter release (still don't have it)
    14. Since we're wishing, throw in an extra body - the D2h.
    15. A few 2G 80X write speed flash cards.
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    Canon 20D...and whatever L glass I can get.
    George R. Widener
    Oshkosh, WI USA
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      Off the top of my head -

      * A good (able to hold lots of equipment) camera bag
      * Two 58mm lens filters (lens flare free! )
      * Canon 300D battery grip
      * Canon 550XE Speedlite
      * 8mm fisheye lens



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        Any DSLR I can get my hands well as the usual accompaniments that go with this package!

        Pete Ganabathi
        Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

        Fly Frontier Airlines - A Whole Different Animal


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          Any L glass lens.
          And PT737SWA, I already have a Epson Stylus 1280 Photo Printer


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            Originally posted by 777Captain
            Any L glass lens.
            And PT737SWA, I already have a Epson Stylus 1280 Photo Printer
            How do you like it???
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              1st 70-200 F4 L lens To arrive begin of january
              2nd 300D Grip
              3th 2nd batery grip
              4th 1,4 converter

              5th 20D, but thats about to come in 2 years or so
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              thats so childish....

              because hey we all know boeing is better


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                Sigma 120-300 F/2.8
                Canon 24-70 F/2.8L


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                  Is the 300D Battery Grip very useful?

                  For me? 100-400L and a decent tripod.
                  Will F.
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                    Canon Elan 7e
                    Home darkroom
                    Canon 100-400mm L


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                      Originally posted by Crazy764
                      Is the 300D Battery Grip very useful?
                      Apparently so Will. I know a couple of people who've said they've done a full weekend of hardcore shooting and the battery level was just under half. It depends on the outside temperature most of the time though.


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                        1)70-200 f4L
                        2)50mm f1.4
                        3)1Gb Compact Flash II
                        4)Battery grip
                        5)Some kind of external flash
                        6)Big bag to carry all that stuff in

                        Unfortunately, I probably won't have the money for any of them soon
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                          a lens that is sharp

                          a battery that will charge and last like it's suppose to

                          something with a buffer greater than 4

                          a secure way of storing my photos



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                            300D...Maybe 20D...if i think i can afford it.

                            and any 100-300mm lens.
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                              Tamron (yes Tamron) 28-75
                              3 1gb CF cards
                              couple batteries
                              B246T ----> Uniden scanner handheld
                              Garmin GPS V -Misc equipment to go with that
                              now I'm