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Australian High-Speed "Tilt Train" Derails

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  • Australian High-Speed "Tilt Train" Derails

    Less than 24 hours ago, the high-speed "Tilt Train" in Queensland, Australia derailed. The train was on a northbound service from Brisbane to Cairns.

    The train was carrying over 160 passengers, according to the ABC news website. There were no fatalities, but many injuries. Over 100 people are injured, and 24 of the seriously injured have been admitted to hospital.

    The train derailed shortly before midnight, Australian eastern time.

    The Tilt Train can reach speeds of 160 kilometres an hour, and has been loosely compared to the "Bullet" train in Japan.

    Derailment Scene Photographs (ABC):

    A news report:

    Australia bound!
    Sep 3 ICN-KIX JL964 767
    Sep 3~4 KIX-BNE JL777 747

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    Cause unknown... Queensland Rail chief executive officer Bob Scheuber says the cause of the accident is unclear
    i'm also a big train fan, and i can tell, just by the pictures, how the train is lying there, it went too fast, just around a quite tight corner.
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    - Metzgermeister


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      wow! surprised no fatalities (yet). no wonder they named it the tilt.
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        It appears that the train was travelling at 112km/h on a stretch of line that had a speed limit of 60km/h.

        How could the driver allow that to happen??
        YBBN - James


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          easy, if you overrid the emergency brake, and shut down the safety system,you can go on at any speed.
          Suche gut gebaute 18-30 Jährigen zum schlachten.
          - Metzgermeister