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  • Thinking about getting PPL

    Hello guys, I have been thinking about this for a long time now, and i asked my parents if they could help out with the cost. So i have decided that on my birthday i am going start to take lessons for my PPL, but i can't decide on which flight school to go to....what should i look for in the flight school that can tell me that they actually care about thier students and aren't just there to take your money. Right now i am looking at the following schools.

    Jet Direct Aviation


    Delaware Skyways

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    I really reccomend going and checking all of them out and going to whichever one feels best. how you feel about the school will make a lot of difference in your experienc. Check out the planes, talk to instructors, etc.


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      Atta boy!

      PPL is probably one of the coolest things person can get. It puts you in an "elite club" of less than 1% of Americans and opens all kinds of doors for you.

      Taking girls to applebee's and then the movies will become a thing of the past. Now you'll be flying her to a nearby town on a "mini-romantic" get away. Shite, those guys in riceburners won't have shite on you now!

      But back to the flight school, see whether or not you want to go 141 or 61. You can read up about it insome older posts (scott asked once i believe) or you can IM me sometime

      Best of luck!


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        I am going to get it when I am 17.
        You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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          Thanks for the advice guys!

          LOL Adam!...drag racing with a C172!

          Hopefully (inshallah) when i get it i can fly down to FL to visit my bro and spot!

          BTW...Are you running the orientation down there on Jan 10??
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