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  • JFK assassination

    Nov. 29 issue - If history, as the saying goes, repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce, we must now add to that list, "then as videogame." This week Scotland-based publisher Traffic Games is releasing "JFK: Reloaded," an interactive simulation that allows users to re-create the Nov. 22, 1963, assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas.

    "Our premise is that there was no conspiracy, that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone," says Traffic's Kirk Ewing, who has both produced documentaries for British television and worked on such games as the riot simulator State of Emergency, and whose colleagues were involved with the controversial hit Grand Theft Auto. "What we're asking people to do is re-explore the Kennedy assassination through interactive technology."

    Players are first placed at the sixth-floor window in the book depository where they attempt to pull off the same sequence of shots as did Oswald during the brief period of time that the motorcade is visible from Oswald's vantage point. According to Ewing, the number of shots and the accuracy thereof are affected by the reload time for the bolt-action rifle and realistically modeled wind and dropoff. Afterward, players are scored on how closely they came to re-creating the original event; to encourage gamers to buy the $9.99 download-only product, Ewing says those who come closest to replicating the assassination can win up to $100,000. Players can see and instantly replay what they've done from a variety of witness locations, like the grassy knoll and the Zapruder film or review their bullet trajectories.

    The squirm-inducing "docu-game" plays more like a brief episode of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" than Doom III; the only blood effect in the game occurs if players achieve a head shot to the virtual president, and it can be switched off. What makes it disturbing is not the simulation; after all, ABC's Peter Jennings hosted a TV special last year based around a computer simulation of the same event. But by presenting it in the form of a videogame, complete with a profit motive and a cash prize, the "game" clearly trivializes an American tragedy. Asked for comment, a spokesman for Sen. Ted Kennedy would only say, "It's despicable."

    So, they're offering a prize to recreate a politcal assasination? Am I the only one who sees something rather morbid about that? I mean, that was a major moment in American history. there's the site if anyone's interested.

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    The release of the game made it to the evening news here yesterday. I feel it's just plain sick to make a money-making video game out of an assassination (any assassination for that matter).

    They locked up a man
    who wanted to rule the world
    The fools
    They locked up the wrong man

    -Leonard Cohen, Songs Of Love And Hate


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      JFK assassination

      They had some screens in the newspaper here, and all I gotta say is "This is f***ing sick !"



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        what kind of person would make a video game out of that?


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          What a disgrace to one of the greatest Presidents of America... Can't put enough sad/angry faces to show how I feel about this.


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            You've gotta be kidding me


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              It can't be as morbid as this game:



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                Heard it on the radio. Intellectually spocken, they are a few j*rks who have nothing else to do
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