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Town Raffles Rifles to Raise Money for School

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  • Town Raffles Rifles to Raise Money for School

    To raise money for a local school project, residents in Lampasas, Texas, are turning to a time-honored tradition, the raffle. But their fundraiser has a unique twist -- the winner walks off with two rifles.

    Lampasas, located in central Texas Hill Country, wants to raise about $15,000 to build a fence around parts of Hanna Springs Intermediate School, where a known sexual predator has been seen near campus.

    Officials said it is easier to raise money selling guns in the area, which is a popular hunting spot, than to peddle cookies and sweets.

    "In this part of the state, it is difficult to raise money, and a bake sale just doesn't do the trick," said Katherine Yoder, chief of staff for Republican state Rep. Suzanna Hupp, who donated a high-end rifle from firearms maker Kimber.

    The winner of the raffle will also receive a .22 caliber rifle donated by a parent and hunting t-shirts. The drawing will be held Dec. 8.

    "This rifle will go toward protecting our children," Hupp said in statement explaining why she donated the firearm.

    Many who bought raffle tickets visit the Hill Country for deer-hunting season, which begins in late fall. Lampasas, home to about 6,700 residents, usually sees its population double during hunting season.

    The winner of the raffle must be over 18 years of age and is subject to local, state, and federal regulations regarding the transfer of firearms, officials said.
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    thats so redneck


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      Originally posted by FlyCharlestonSC
      thats so redneck
      Now Y'all that some crazy shoot'in night.


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        Where's Michael Moore when you need him?


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          Too funny


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            Re: .

            Originally posted by YWG Chick
            Where's Michael Moore when you need him?
            Raffle them off to the school kids and he will show up with another documentry in mind..


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              weird. i'm not even 20 mins south of lampasas here in burnet and honestly, i havent heard of it yet. and yes, this is the redneck part of the country.


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                hell, yeah. suck on this, all you anti-gun activists!
                Work Right, Fly Hard.


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                  Originally posted by pilotgolfer
                  yes, this is the redneck part of the country.
                  please rephrase that:

                  yes, the is one of the many redneck parts of the country