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Spec Ops in the 'Stan (Rated PG-13)

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  • Spec Ops in the 'Stan (Rated PG-13)

    Below is a link for a 25 min documentary on a group of Spec ops in Afghanistan. I'm not sure when it was made (ive heard around early 2003), but it shows strong video from US and Afgan forces storming several area huts and taking prisoners.

    This video is approx 25 mins long Its around 88 megs to download and is in the .AFX format. The video is also subtitled in dutch and the voice over is in dutch also, and of course english is spoken and also Farsi is spoken (duhhhhhhh)

    This video will offend some people because of the way the US forces go about things, I will ask the Mod's to lock and or delete the topic if things get out of hand. So please act mature!

    <-That my friends is an IED