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    Las Vegas by night:

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      Originally posted by MCIFLYR
      This is a really cool thread, it seems like the Aviation lovers are infrastructure geeks like me too.....anyway, here are the stats for Kansas City
      Kansas City: 450,000 (pardon the rounding)
      Metro Area: 1.8 Million Growing and loving it

      Why not some more pics

      And our Pseudo-Downtown, the Country Club Plaza
      No one gives a sh!t about KC!!! Go Cards and go Rams!!!

      Seriously, though, KC is an awesome city... Cute chicks there!!!

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        Originally posted by DeltaASA16

        Lynchburg, VA... Ranked 15 out of 403 Cities of United States and Select Canadian Cities
        yeah but Lynchburg is NOT Gorges

        If you have been to ITH you will get it.


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          Originally posted by Airbus_A320
          See that red building? My parents made out right in front when they first met. They love to tell that story.
          I'm sure that is something they would like the be announced all over the internet

          Geez who cares...I dont think there is a person who they havent told They are super proud of it.

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            Damn, another KC STL battle, i get it every day......CMSU is 50-50 on the KC-STL sh%t, it gets old. As for the cards....well hate em, but they're a hell of a team.....and the Lambs...err rams....they're sucking just about much of d!ck this year as our beloved chiefs. STL and KC is like comparing Apples and Oranges.....STL is a great BIG-style city, KC is big, but still has the great midwest charm. Love the Blues by the way, but if we ever get a NHL team it's ON!!! Si no estas de acuerdo, puedes volver a colombia!! JEJEJEJE...lo siento....had to put some half assed spanish in there for the Colombiano
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              I was born in that city:
              Fortaleza, CE, Brazil (FOR/SBFZ), located in Northeast of the country:

              Now, i live in Brasilia, Brazil's Capital:


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                Newport, RI

                The city nearest by is Providence

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                  Originally posted by ExpressJet145
                  Newport, RI

                  The city nearest by is Providence

                  I have driven through Providence, it is a nice city
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                    Downtown Ottawa:

                    Parliament Hill on July 1, Canada Day (huge party):

                    One last Downtown Ottawa aerial:

                    Ass Asian


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                      Adding to HKG-YUL's earlier post, here are a few more pics of Hong Kong (not by me):

                      A sea of skyscrapers...

                      Cathay Pacific - The Heart of Asia


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                        Very nice pictures you found Asian Brushstroke! I've been trying to find pictures that would include the whole HK Island skyline (from Central Plaza to IFC), but it's hard cos it's too wide to fit into normal cameras.


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                            Unfortunatly, I don't have a scanner, but I do live in San Francisco. Very nice city. I want to let everyone know that I like the pictures I've see. Everyone lives in such interesting and beautiful places!


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                              Kuala Lumpur: (i don't actually live there but i live near to kuala lumpur)

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