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Pearl Harbor Day 12/7 (pics)

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  • Pearl Harbor Day 12/7 (pics)

    In horor of Pearl Harbor Day I thought I'd share a few pics I took while I was there in July 2003.

    The Pearl Harbor Memorial.

    Battleship USS Missouri

    The flag over the memorial.
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    Nice pics. RIP all that served our country that day. I got the chance to visit the memorial in April. Its really nice and interesting.


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      It is a very interesting place to go. I was there a few years ago and got some pictures but somehow that roll of film got lost and I never got them developed. When you're there its hard to believe that something that tragic could happen in such an amazing place. Its just hard to picture the whole thing. What I think is great though is that most of the people that go out there to pay their respects to the Arizona Memorial are Japanese people. My dad and I were talking about it yesterday on the phone. He is currently on the east coast for some business and took some Japanese visitors to the new Air and Space annex out near IAD. They began the tour on their own but eventually caught up to the tour guide near the enola gay. Talk about akward. He said they were so polite about it and pointed out that if either Germany or Japan had the bomb they would have used it too. What I do find to be great is that if you look at 2 of our bigger allies in the world now they're Germany and Japan. Unfortunate that the war had to happen but if we're to look at the bright side it did bring our countries much closer together.

      *steps off soap box*


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        I hope one day I can go to Pearl Harbor, seems like paradise. It is hard to believe such tragic could happen in a place like that


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          This is the only surviving picture I have from my trip to Pearl Harbor in 1995. For some reason all of my pictures and slides have disappeared but I found this lone slide at the bottom of a box.


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            nice pics, RIP to the victims of that sad day..
            He who expected nothin......aint gonna be deceived-JR


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              Very solemn, imposing respect, which I willingly pay.

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