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    ACman- seriously, get your parents in to talk with the principal. That's just unacceptable what she's doing. Plus that will give you the leverage with your grade in that class- if you don't get a good mark you can say it was b/c she doesn't like you .
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      Dating back to long ago, I remember two of my teachers during my years in a board school in France They almost did everything to count me as one of their sweet banes
      The first was the teacher of math and virtually succeeded in turning me away from math . The second was pretty particular.
      - Married to a Chilean woman, Mr Garreautin was a comitted communist who had landed a job of teacher in Spanish/History/Geography/Geology and Biology. This extensive curriculum was gathered in his own studies and years of experience at Orsono. Mr Garreautin's own wife also landed as job as a teacher in Spanish, although she was far less smart than him in getting the audiance interested. Sure, Mr Garrautin was able to litterally captivate the audiance should he was able to make one fact forgotten !!!
      He strinkingly looked like late italian comedy actor Gino Ciervi who among other portrayed Giovanni Peppone, a communist mayor battling and squabbling with Don Camillo, the village vicar on the silver screens.
      Not less than 6 installements filmed on location from 1948 to 1964 were released and adding to Mr Garreautin's misery, they were again on view on the French TV first channel each Sunday evening over 6 weeks.
      Some quickly nicknamed Mr Garreautin Peppone. Teaching several topics led him to shuttle from one class to another with an equal proportion of books under the arms. These books had another use : amunition : lol: Amunitions to be jolted across the class-room to some of us who had the bad idea of not
      -agreeing his point of view when debating or when somebody shouted Peppone !
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        Some teacher that the school has'nt mentiond has put me in this place called the ''BBC'' were really naughty people go and i might be a bit but not that much.But it's cool in there get to go on every week one on monday and one day out on thursday. :P



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          Originally posted by PIAA310
          Originally posted by PT737SWA
          Originally posted by PIAA310
          Yup, they can't lay a hand on you, just a detention or ISS....if you are going to say something....go all out!...
          Yeah that will look great on your college apps! If you're a jerk to your teacher and you have a borderline grade that you want bumped up, don't expect any help. My wife and both my parents are all teachers. When I was in high school (mid 90s) we respected our teachers because they deserve the respect for putting up with little smartass $hitheads.
          First of all my grades are good...I don't need to worry about that

          "My wife and both my parents are all teachers."

          THats good for you.
          You're naive to think that grades mean everything to get into college.
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