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Who works for an Airline? (or in Aviation)

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  • Who works for an Airline? (or in Aviation)

    PT737SWA advises in another thread that he does not know 5 airline employees on this site. I figure there are a few of us. Let us know.

    I'm a Manager at Air Canada is System Operations Control (26 years seniority at AC).

    **I made a slight change, aviation related was what I should have said**

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    i'm doing work experience at a catering company @ AMS, basically, all airlines that is
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      Not yet

      I really wish I could have taken the job at AC though last summer!


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        Im an aircraft fueler at PVD.

        And Express Carriers
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          I'm an Aircraft Interior mechanic at SVG (SAS/Braathens technical base). Doesn't sound too interesting, I know that, but at least i can work with aircrafts
          During the last year we've had Heavy maintenance for:

          Ford Air Europe
          Germania / dBA
          Estonian Air
          and more


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            Originally posted by AgentJaY
            I'm an Aircraft Interior mechanic at SVG (SAS/Braathens technical base). Doesn't sound too interesting, I know that, but at least i can work with aircrafts
            Actually, it does sound kinda interesting. What do you do? Work with the wiring systems and such inside the cabins?


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              There's me and Canyon Blue who work for WN.

              ExpressJet145 - I'd say you work for an airPORT, not an airline.
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                I work for Delta Air Lines, I am a cargo reservations agent dealing with live animals and human remains....


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                  I used to be a customer service agent / ramp agent for US Airways Express just a few months ago.

                  I will soon be getting a job with Delta as a ramp agent here in Daytona.

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                    I'm too young to really have a job, but I hope to become a business consultant specializing in the aviation industry and eventually hold a management position at an airline.


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                      Former America West Ramp agent, loadmaster specialist and former Northwest Airlines ESE here in CMH. Pre 9/11.


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                        Im a lead CSA (ramp) agent for CO in IAH..
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                          Former ramp rat for AirTran and ASA in ATL. My current job is sort of aviation-related: My employer has the contract to stock all of the newsstands @ ATL with the exception of the Hudson News stores (We used to have them back before WH Smith sold their US airport operations to Hudson News. We held on to part of the contract for about 4 months after the changeover, and once they established a book distribution system [Hudson News has their own in-house operation to stock their shops]) I recently returned to the field as a route sales associate (The position I originally was hired for 19 months ago, and had been out of for over a year.) and stock shops on D and E. I was about to apply for a PT ramp job @ Delta (As I wasn't making that great of money working in our warehouse and the only way I could have earned any money to put aside for vacation next April would have been to get a PT job.) when I was offered the chance to go back into the field (Route sales associates/drivers make $230 more a week than the warehouse, so I was more than willing to go back into my old position.


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                            Originally posted by PT737SWA
                            There's me and Canyon Blue who work for WN.
                            Ah, and mcphoto1011, formally known as swaphx99.

                            I am a Ramp Supervisor and Interview Team member at the MDW Station. I also spent 3.5 years at the PHX station as well.

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                              My job is in aviation working for Qantas Airlines.