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  • Mp3 to WMA files

    OK folks since I never caught on to the MP3 fad how do I get my MP3 files transfered to a WMA format so I can play them in my car? Is there a program that I need or can I do it in Win Media player 10?

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    You can use Winamp to change the mp3 into a wav, and then use Windows Media Encoder to change the wav into a wma.
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      Just go to your favourite download site, there are tons of converters to do it in one step, no need to go to .wav first. I believe even winamp will do it directly if you have the right plugin. Check under options -> preferences -> plugins -> disk writer

      P.S. does your car stereo really do wma without also doing mp3? I thought mp3 was more universal.


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        I've never seen a stereo support WMA and not MP3 ..

        Anyway, for large conversions (of any media type), I like Sonic Foundry Batch Converter. It does a pretty good job, and its fast. I'm not sure if Sony picked up that product when they bought out Sonic Foundry.

        It's only down side is it costs money for each commercial plugin (MP3/MP3Pro/MPG/etc). I managed to get work to pay for it a few years back


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          Pretty sure Musicmatch can do that.