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New tower in Dubai will be 800 METERS TALL!!!

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    Originally posted by duplix
    Originally posted by PT737SWA
    Why don't they just roll out a welcome mat for terrorist bombers?
    So why still build planes?
    Because you don't need a plane to bomb a building... Even the 9/11 attacks we not actual bombs.
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      Originally posted by Simpleboy
      Now im really pissed the guy didnt give my dad the job he was offered.
      May I ask how your dad's job ties into an 800 meter tower?


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        We were gonna move there. Would haev been able to see the whole thing being built, but the guy withdrew the offer for us to move there.
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          Oh. That sucks.


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            I know. Part of the offer was a trip to NZ business class each year on Emirates all paid for by them too.
            Sam Rudge
            A 5D3, some Canon lenses, the Sigma L and a flash


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              Re: New tower in Dubai will be 800 METERS TALL!!!

              Originally posted by HKG-YUL
              Originally posted by AC888YOW
              Originally posted by HKG-YUL

              But at 800m.....isn't that a little tall, I wouldn't feel too secure standing atop such a high building.

              Anyways, what do you think?
              Actually, the technology exists for free-standing structures to be well over 300 stories, and probably more.
              I know that all the technology for tall structures exists for a long time already, but is such a tall building really practical for use? It's all for pride and show off their wealth (see all the man-made wonders around Dubai) more than a real need.

              Let's hope the elevator doesn't break down on the 152nd floor...
              I agree that the practicality of such a structure can be questioned, but as long as the money exists to build it, and the tenants exist to make it profitable, then it's pretty much a done deal.

              It is true that the only reason they're building such a massive structure is to "show off" (not saying that's a bad thing). Let's face it, there's a certain amount of prestige associated with holding the "World's Tallest Building" title. If this structure ever gets built, they will by far hold this title, and it will be maintained for a long time.

              I was watching a show on Dubai some time ago, and they mentioned how the oil reserves in the UAE are depleting rapidly. The glamour and luxury incorporated in everything they're doing is in order to create a city/country that can sustain itself (via business, tourism, etc.) after the oil is long gone.

              FlyCharlestonSC: I agree about the money thing. The only reason why massive structures like this don't exist yet is the insane amount of capital required to build them.
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                Taiwan got the highest building nowadays, 509 meters, so this going to beat it by a long run.
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