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My computer needs your help!!

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  • My computer needs your help!!

    I have two questions.
    I want to upgrade my comp to roughly 124mb ram.I went to p.c world and because my computer is old (windows 1998 secand edition)he said i might not be able to add more mb,was he lieing?

    My secand question is,can i upgrade my 1998 secand edition computer to windows xp?

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    Well it depends on your RAM slots, if your computer is SIMM, 32 or 16 pin, your screwed! If yuo have DIMM or better, your okay. So hes sorta correct on this one.

    XP? All depends on your processor, RAM, HD space, and VRAM (video memory). Tell me what your specs are, and i can tell you.


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      Upgrade to 124mb of RAM

      It's time for a new box bud. Forget the upgrades.


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        Wouldn't it just be easier to buy a new PC? :P



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          Originally posted by G-DALE
          Wouldn't it just be easier to buy a new PC? :P

          It is easier, and you can get more RAM.
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            I've just started upgrading myself. I decided to build a new pc all together. Adding more stuff to this old computer would be more trouble than its worth.

            I'd keep most of the stuff, but my mtherboard only clocks up to 700mhz. bah! Buy a new motherboard, then you need the new CPU, and now that the RAM is all different .. new ram!

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              I just got rid of my old computer.

              256 Ram (Max a P3 can go)
              700 MHZ
              16 GB

              get ready for this
              8 mb Graphic Card

              Time to get a new computer buddy.

              My new one

              512 Ram
              3.4 GHZ
              250 GB
              ATI Radion 9800 (256 MB)

              and the coolest part a REMOTE!!!!

              All for $1250!!!


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                dunno about Windows 98... i'm using Windows ME (operating system before WinXP)
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                  you need to ask yourself why you need that amound of RAM in the first place. If you are just photo editing etc, then 512mb is more than enough. You won't get too much of a performance boost by just adding more RAM, the rest of the PC needs to be able to make the most of the extra memory. I do a lot of video editing with a P4 1.8Ghz with 768mb RAM under Windows XP, some of the 'raw' video files are over 20Gb and this works fine.

                  Ask yourself why you want to upgrade and take it from their. A faster processor will probably be wiser than just adding moe RAM, unless you don't have much in the first place.

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