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PDA's now more worth while

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  • PDA's now more worth while

    Wow technology really has come far these past few years. I just got an HP iPaq that has built in wireless and blue tooth. It also happens to be where i am posting this topic from. Anyone else do the same?
    Here is what I have:

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    Some pics: homepage

    my user:

    screensaver (goes through several of my personal pics)

    The screen isnt that dark, but the flash didnt help!

    Hope you enjoyed the pics


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      PDAs have come along way. Does the iPAQ have a word proc. or notepad thing that you can use a stylus to write in directly? Like an electronic notepad. If so, how does it work? My handwriting isnt he neatest, or most consistant around. I always thought it would have trouble interpreting my writing.


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        It has Microsoft word, and a notepad that you can write, just like normal paper, however, if you want it to "recognize" everthing you write when your done it has to be legible, but it can just stay like your regular paper. Since this uses Microsoft Windows Pocket PC 2003, it doesnt use that crappy Palm way of writing words. Ill get some pics later of what I mean later on


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          Ahh .. Yeah, even if it left it as you wrote it, it wouldn't be bad. Only when I tried to show it to other people