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Whats up with censorship?

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  • ACman
    Ahhh Disney sucks anyway (hope I dont get sued.), most of there movies are stolen ideas.

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  • KBOSv2
    Oh please, cutting out part of the movie because a girl gets here ears peirced? The parent trap is rated PG, this is an example of going to far with censorship, its pretty sad when you need to edit out a PG movie... Kids aren't going to get their ears periced because of a silly little movie, and if they do, so what, its not the end of the world, lots of girls have their ears peirced by 1st grade anyway.

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  • Fly_Southwest
    I was babysitting and the girl I was babysitting was watching "The Parent Trap" on the Disney Channel (the newer one with Lindsay Lohan) they totally took out the scene where Hallie pierces Annies ears. That made parts confusing.

    Yeah...Kids are going to run around piercing eachothers ears..yeah right.

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  • KBOSv2
    It doesn't matter much to me how it has been in the last 20 years, what matters to me is TV right now, and on TV now there is A LOT of pointless censorship that doesn't do anything exept make the program annoying.

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  • B757300
    Funny, I remember 20 years ago that there was far more "censorship" on T.V. than there is today. Far less profanity was tolerated, less skin was shown, bodies weren't blown to bits and bullets didn't take off 1/2 of a person's skull, and with the exception of a few shows, people weren't screwing everyone else in every episode.

    If anything the rules have been relaxed in the last 20 years. The FCC lately has been enforcing the rules (which have been on the books forever) but not creating new regulations as to what may or may not be shown or said on T.V. Also remember there are different standards for broadcast/network stations (CBS, ABC, NBC, etc.), cable channels, and premium channels such as HBO.

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  • FlyCharlestonSC
    I loke how they dubbed in The Big Lebowski so that when Walter is smashing the car he is screaming something like, "WHEN YOU FIND (smash) A STRANGER (smash) IN THE ALPS..."

    A little random, huh?

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  • Novarupta0712
    The media industry is just downright double-standard in my opinion...

    I think the band Korn lashed out at this in their song: "Y'all want a single, say [beep!] that! [Beeeep!] that! [beep!] that!"

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  • Jbrewster1012
    Double post.

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  • ACman
    Your right, doesnt make sense at all. I thought those ratings (Y,14,M,18+ )
    ment that there is content thats not sutible for young people. Obviously they should allow swaring.

    If ou watch south park , they block out the word "shit", But they wont block out people getting smushed, smashed, heads blown off, guts ect...
    Doesnt make sense. Or in CSI when they do the re-inacments they show blood, cutting, stabbing ect... but still block out swaring. Doesnt make sense

    whats going to effect a kid more, a normal naked body and a few bad words or a chopped up body?
    Bingo, I think a few sware words wont scar or worp a child vs. cutting, blood, screams of murder, cutting, blowing heads off and guts.

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  • Jbrewster1012
    This country still has too many conservatives to do away with censorship, so I doubt it's going anywhere soon.

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  • Tillerman
    I really don't understand what youre talking about... too much asterisks for me...


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  • DAL767-400ER
    Whats up with censorship?

    I no what you mean. It's the same here in Germany. A whole lot of violence on TV, but if's there's a song with strong language, the bleeping starts. Just take Eamon:
    "*bleep* what I said,
    it don't mean *bleep*,
    *bleep* all those kisses,
    they didn't mean *bleep*,
    *bleep* you you *bleep*,
    I don't want you back"
    Or "My Band" from D12:
    I don't know, dude ...
    I think everyone's all jealous and *BLEEP* cause I'm like, the lead singer of a band, dude ...
    And I think everyone's got a *BLEEP* problem with me dude ...
    And they need to take it up with me after the show

    They're all like Oh my God, it's him
    Becky, oh, my*BLEEP*God, it's Eminem
    I swear to *BLEEP* God, dude, you *BLEEP* rock
    Please won't you please let me *BLEEP* your *BLEEP*
    And by now the rest of the fellas get jealous...
    Yesterday Kuniva tried to *BLEEP* on me
    Because I told him Jessica Alba's my wife to be
    This rockstar *BLEEP*, it's the life for me
    And all the other guys just despise me...

    (Verse 2- Swifty)
    You just wanna see a n*BLEEP* backwards, don't you...
    Cause my *BLEEP* is lookin' smaller than a decimal...
    (Verse 3- Kuniva and Konartis)
    Look at him, little *BLEEP* thinkin' he the *BLEEP*
    Yeah, I know, man, find himself takin' on a flick...

    Ready to stap on a *BLEEP* fan
    Every time I'hear Hey dude, I love your band
    We ain't a band, *BLEEP*, we don't play instruments
    So why he get 90 and we only get 10 percent
    And these guys they can find every area code
    (Em: Proof, carry my bag)
    *BLEEP*, carry your own
    Can't make it to the stage, security in my way
    Who the *BLEEP* are you? Where's Obie and Dre?!

    (Verse 5- Bizarre)
    *BLEEP* dammit, I'm sick of this group
    Time to go solo and make some loot
    I told you I made the beats and wrote all the raps
    Till Kon Artis slipped me some *BLEEP*
    Lose Yourself video I was in the back
    Superman video I was in the back
    From the media, I got some suggestions
    *BLEEP* Marshall, ask us the questions
    Like who's D12, how we get started
    What about Eminem?
    *BLEEP*, are you *BLEEP*?
    Anyway, I'm the popularest guy in the group
    *BLEEP* stomach, *BLEEP* think I'm cute
    Then 50 Cent told me to do sit-ups to get buff
    I did two and a half and then I couldn't get up
    *BLEEP* D12, I'm outta this band
    I'm gonna start a group with the real Roxanne

    Girlm why can't you see you're the only one for me
    And it just tears my *BLEEP* apart to know that you don't know my name...
    It's so damn annoying. I mean, every 3rd-grader already knows what is being said and know the meaning of these words, so why even try to hide them? Oh well, just the typical Political Correctness .


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  • Airbus_A320
    I agree, I wish there wasn't censorship, it would make TV a lot better IMO. Oh well, I guess thats was R movies are for

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  • KBOSv2
    started a topic Whats up with censorship?

    Whats up with censorship?

    Censorship on the TV these days is getting really crappy, you can easly see all kinds of viloence and killing and nasty close up plastic sugery on TV any time you like, but you can't say words like shit, or fuck or show naked people with out blocking everything below their face out. This makes no sense to me, whats going to effect a kid more, a normal naked body and a few bad words or a chopped up body?

    And any human over 7 can easly tell what bad word is being blocked out on TV, and anybody who speaks english and knows a few bad words knows what they are realling saying when they censor out somthing like "bull sh*t" or "F***k this". I would say 93% of all kids are exposed to swearing through most of their child hood anyway. And why is it so bad to show naked people on TV? Its a normall thing anyway.

    Anyway, this is a topic to complain about censorship and stuff.

    P.S sorry for the poor quallity of the post, I'm kinda partied out right now if ya know what I mean...