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  • Hot sauce

    Any hot sauce users out there? What one is your favorite?

    Franks red hot isnt hot at all.
    Tabasco is very good.

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    My fav. hot suace is Cholula or however you spell it. It's the official hot suace that the U.S. Navy uses. I also like Tobasco sauce that hasn't been opened in a bottle for over 10 years. It has that good taste to it. Hot sauce in pasta is my favorite combo.



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      Hot sauce is great!

      While Frank's isn't the hottest, I like its taste. I buy Frank's in 3.78L bottle from Sam's club

      When I want that extra kick, Tobasco is good or better yet, the White Hot Inferno from Dan T's is good as well.

      For other types of hot, peanut/chipotle/etc, I like Dan T's. The peanut hot sauce is GREAT on chicken!


      I've tried all of those except the Balsamic one, and they are all GREAT sauces! Lots of flavour to them.


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        Tabasco, no doubt!
        I just joined their mailing list, for the recipes. Yummy.

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          mmmm..................Tabasco And lots of it
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            Being from texas.... Texas Pete!



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              Can't do that stuff anymore. Makes me shit fire, and it burns going down also!


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                Tobasco hot sauce. Goes gr8 w/ chinese food and chocken.



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                  Tabasco, that stuff weak compared to this stuff (of which I have a bottle in my kitchen as we speak):

                  This stuff is lethal! All you need is a few drops to give a little heat.

                  Also in the kitchen are the Jalapeno and Cayenne hot sauces from Day of the Dead (The habanero hot sauce was the first one of the three pack I finished):

                  Then there's a bottle of Dat'l Do-It Datil Hot Sauce. That stuff is about as potent as anything with Habanero (Their Habanero hot sauce is really good, their Jalapeno was pretty good, as was their cayenne and their garlic hot sauce).

                  Now I admit I've gotten into Tabasco's Chipotle Pepper Sauce. That stuff is perfect for putting on tacos and burritos. I noticed that they now have a Habanero pepper sauce, I may have to get me a bottle of it.


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                    You love hot and spicy food eh?

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                      Originally posted by srbmod
                      Tabasco, that stuff weak compared to this stuff (of which I have a bottle in my kitchen as we speak):
                      The bottle looks a little scarey....yet appealing.

                      I'm going to have to try this.


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                        The little packets from Taco


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                          I hate hot sauce...
                          - The baby will be back -


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                            Not a sauce, but great in all kind of dishes: Sambal oelek, paste from freshly ground chillies


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                              My grandfather is makeing his own hot sauce. Comes out of the dark hole in FEB.

                              Check out this.


                              Daves insanity sauce. My grandfather has that. On the back of the bottle reads
                              "Daves insanity sauce is the hotest on the earth... blah blah blah. (thos is where it gets good) Can strip all kinds of paint if used right. WARNING: DO NOT use if you have heart or respritory problums"

                              PS my grandfather is from Brittish Gihana ( I think thats how you spell. Its in South America)