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Photographers from Rome, report here =)

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  • Photographers from Rome, report here =)

    I'm planning on making a two/three-day trip to Rome in February, since my Finnair Plus points will be expiring soon, and I'd like to get some use of them. Finnair flies to LIRF, so I guess that's where I'll be most of the time. Of course I'll have to pay a visit to the city as well, there's lot of things to be captured to my memory card

    So now as I'm planning my little trip, I'd very much appreciate some information from the locals. Where is it cheap to stay (yep, with the student budget I guess a bed'n'breakfast would be a good idea?), where can I get the best pictures at LIRF, what's really worth of seeing at Rome herself, etc..?

    So, as I said, I appreciated anything that gets mw forward and out of the usual tourist masses

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    Try to make it as a three day trip. Rome is an amazing city. Full of so much to see and do. I can't give you many tips on the airport itself, as I didnt do any spotting while I was there. My flight (American Airlines) left from Terminal C, and on the tram from the check in area to gates offered some cool views, I don't know what terminal you will arrive in. Tip though, if you are in C try to get on the tram last and be by the doors. The tram is fast but the ride is short- so hold on tight!

    The city is wonderful. I recommend you see the collesium, and various churches. A great thing to do is take the bus tour. I'm not quite sure where the location is, but its somewhere at Roma Termini, the main rail station.

    Speaking of rail stations- to get to Rome quickly and cheaply- take the train called the "Leonardo Express" it goes every 32 minutes from FCO/LIRF to the main rail station, Termini. Its about at 30 minute ride if I remember.


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