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New Miracle medicine for Catarct

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  • New Miracle medicine for Catarct

    A new medicine literally called "Medicine of Quran" and formulated by an Egyptian, is now being produced by a Swiss Pharmaceutical company under the condtion that it will sell the medicine under the said name, the Egytian doctor created the treatment using secretions from Human sweat glands and has had 99% success so far, it is in eye drop from and the doctor came to the conclusion after reading a verse in the Holy Quran about Prohphet Jacob where it mentions he developed whiteness in his eyes by crying over the disapppearence of his son Prophet Jospeh, but when he was given Jospeh's shirt and he he placed it close to his eyes, his vision came back, I would have attributed it to a miracle, but the doctor after much pondering came to the conclusion that sweat in the shirt got rid of the ailment, by God's will of course.

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    Is this some holistic crap?