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A new Apple iPod and Computer is imminiment

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    Originally posted by AEagle40
    I'm in the ranks of Greg and Aldo here. I currently am using a 900Mhz G3 14 inch iBook. With college approaching next year, I decided I would like a desktop to supplement my iBook. The Mac mini is my new desktop computer. We have a couple of 17 inch monitors around the house, so that was not a major issue. The final price on the Mac mini which I want is $800, which is the 1.42 Ghz G4, Superdrive, and 512 of RAM, along with the mouse and keyboard. At 2 inches tall by 6.5 inches wide and weighing a whole 2.9 lbs, this computer is perfect for the dorm room, where space is a luxury.

    You're a good man and the fact that you drive a Jeep and use a Mac, shows that you have a lot of potential.



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      NVM, I found the answer to the question I posted here.
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        No screen on the shuffle

        I'm still planning on purchasing an ipod mini

        any chance of the price going down soon?


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          Now I'm thinking about an iPod. All the people talking about them made me actually look at one in Best Buy. It was kinda spiffy. Now I gotta do a ton of reading on the things. Must find out if they actually support MP3 or convert it to something else. Sony and ATRAC is a little annoying.

          The new iPod is way too small though. (Storage wise) I think a blue mini. hrmm!


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            I currently have a G4 iBook, and I'm probably going to buy the Mac Mini in the next 30 days. For the first time, they're offering a Mac product in Europe for fewer Euros than it costs in USD in the States (489 vs $499). It's still more expensive in Europe though, once you've done the exchange rate.

            That new software "Pages" looks promising. Apple Works was overdue for retirement.


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              I wish i have an iPOD.
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                Kaddyuk: Thanks for the info

                I saw that new Mac on the news, I was amazed at how small it was. They showed some guy carrying one around, it's foot print didn't look much longer than the guys hand. Nice work to Apple...I guess