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  • Clean and Clear Windows?

    As some know, I'm a fairly new driver and today was my first time driving in super heavy rain.

    I was wondering what you JP people do to keep your windows clean and clear? It seems they are always fogging up or getting smears. Even when I don't touch them.

    When the wipers were on tonight, when they went across the windshield, they left a foggy kind of film, and when they go back, it wipes most of that away. Not only is it quite annoying, it also makes it kind of hard to see.

    For cleaning windows, I tried those Armor All glass wipes. They really sucked. When the window is clear, they look good. But a little fog and you can see all kinds of smears. I also tried Rain X anti-fogging cleaner (Black bottle with yellow writing). I'm not sure if I used enough, I'd get the opposite of the Armor All wipes. Fog free smears. Maybe I just need to use more, the instructions said to use sparingly.

    So far, Orange Windex has been the best thing I've tried.

    So, I was wondering if anyone here had any tricks to keep the windows clear.


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    One thing you can try is using the defrost feature on the car (if it has it).

    About the wipers leaving the foggy's just for a split second, it happens on my car too, doesn't really affect me much, because as you said yourself, the wipers clean it when they go back down.
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      rain-x works awesome, it doesnt clean it, but the rain flys right off
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        I use the defogger, but I was wondering if there was something better. The wipers get a good 85/90% of the fog when they go back, but a few streaks were in the way.

        I'll try more of the Rain X though. It says if you use too much that the glass will get hazy. I'll try the other one for the outside of the car sometime. I thought the anti-fogging one would be good. Maybe it is, will try it again


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          I bought these wiper blades for like 40 dollars and with that and rain-x they are like totally clear during the rain/snow/sleet its great!

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            Is the fog on the inside or outside?

            If on the inside, try running the a/c compressor. It will reduce the humidity inside the car and condensation won't form as easily on the inside surfaces of the windows.

            I hate doing it, but my car's windows seem to fog up all the time during rain so I have to run the a/c, even if it means mixing in warm air if the overall temp is already cool. My car is rigged so that the a/c compressor will kick on no matter what if you turn on full defrost.

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              Try cleaning the wiperblade itself with hot water and soap. You would be amazed about how greasy those wiper blades are! They do not just wipe way clear water you know, but also water which is thrown up from the road by other vehicles. And that's mixed with grease, oil, brake dust and other filth which gives nice smears on your windscreen.

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                Thanks for all the suggestions

                I gave the windows a good cleaning with Windex (both inside and out) to get them nice and clean for now. Not that that will last long in the winter I also gave the blades a bit of cleaning, they were very dirty. Made quite a mess of the rag I used. I was a little surprised since they are fairly new. I got them in November.

                I was reading reviews on that RainX anti-fogging stuff earlier today, and it seems no one likes the stuff. I found one good review out of them all. Oh well