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    Originally posted by Greg
    I can dress myself.


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      1) I'll be the first in my family to graduate from college in the US. My uncles, aunt, mom and several cousins have finished college in Colombia, but I'll open the door in the US period.

      2) My grandfather was a founding member of the Colombian Communist Party!!!

      3) I had the third highest score at the Colombian equivalent of the SAT in my class (Class of 1998, Rafael Reyes School, Pereira, Colombia)

      4) I was self-taught in English, in Colombia.

      A Colombian guy moved by the winds of fate to St. Louis, MO


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        -I don't eat fish
        -I am the only one who uses internet in my house (my father uses internet is his office)
        -I don't eat beef
        Irfan Faiz Nazerollnizam. Computer geek and gamer


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          I'm not at high school anymore

          Australia bound!
          Sep 3 ICN-KIX JL964 767
          Sep 3~4 KIX-BNE JL777 747


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            I forgot a pretty big one...

            I'm 60 years younger than Martin Luther King Jr. to the day. (January 15th)
            GO SIOUX


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              1) There is a town in England named after my family called Topcliffe, located in North Yorkshire.
              2) I've been flying for 5 years & driving for 1. lol.
              3) I'm not afraid of public speaking & in fact like it to the point where I'll volunteer if speaker positions are available for things.
              4) I never experienced June 5, 2004 (Australia trip- crossed the date line for the first time).
              5) My goal is to be a millionaire before I hit 25 through business ownership, real estate, and investments. Hopefully I'll also have a few aircraft in my garage if everything goes as planned.
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                -My grandfather was a medic in WWII.
                -My grandfather took a Russian sniper rifle from a Japanese soldier that was shot from a tree on the beach (I donít know which island), but when he got back to the states the Army lost it.
                -My uncle was a medic in the Vietnam War, he was stationed in Japan.
                -One of my grandfatherís brothers was on the Stealth Bomber project.
                -My second cousin was a writer on the Seinfeld Show.

                Nick Rose


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                  this is my 400th post

                  i'm left handed
                  my granddad used to work with the FAA at Fulton County Charlie Brown Field (KFTY)
                  he was in charge of 2 F-4 Corsairs during and after WWII, one of which crashed upon landing (he has pics of them)
                  my dad works on Bell Helicopter's AH-1Z program, he's in Arizona right now
                  i've only been to 12 major airports
                  was the youngest in my ground school class (the other 7 or 8 guys in there were in their 30s or older, i'm only 16)
                  my b-day is the same day as Jeremy Mayfield's
                  i've only had about 12 hrs logged but my instructor said i am the fastest learner he's had
                  my flight instructor also flies the B-25 "Yellow Rose"
                  there are only a couple people in my school (including me) that are intersted in aviation
                  i got hit on the top of my head while playing paintball yesterday (note to self: don't expose the top of your head)
                  got hit a total of 9 times playing yesterday, including once on the gun
                  the Burnet HS Esprit de Corps has 14 straight years of receiving 1st divisions at marching contest
                  the Burnet Bulldogs had two 14-1 seasons in a row, the only loss being the 3A state championship game, and both years it was the same teams in the playoffs we played except for the state championship games
                  i'm looking at possibly going to UND
                  the list goes on...
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