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I need help from you again, now with windows

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  • I need help from you again, now with windows

    When you go to My computer and entering The main system disc, it transfer to "Search" instead of "Open"

    anyway my problem is when i need to get in my syste, i first have to right-click and press open, that's takes much time to do that every time

    I hope you can assist me with this one,. I have already emailed Microsoft how to change it, but non respons yet ....

    I hope you can help me instead !!!

    thanks in advance

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  • #2 offence, but it takes 1 second to right-click, and click open, i really dont see your problem here....
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      Well it took me about 4-5 reads to totaly understand that. What your saying is that when you left click, its the same as right click? Goto mouse properties and see from there.


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        These two don't seem to get your problem lol. Obviously you right clicked in your screenshot to illustrate clearly what the problem is and it is not a mouse button problem, nor is it convenient or reasonable to right click every time when you want to double click (no offence madboy). Your solution can be found here.;en-us;321186

        Be aware that it requires editing the registry which should only be attempted if you know a bit about what you are doing. You can seriously mess thing up if you change the wrong key.