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    Current car:
    2003 VW Polo 9N, 1.9 SDI

    Previous cars:
    1988 VW Golf type 2, 1.6 petrol
    1995 VW Golf type 3, 1.6 petrol
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      Nissan Navara Diesel, perfect for full on powerslides.
      Ancient Mariner
      Certified above and below...................sea level.


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        Cars I've owned:
        1966 Ford Galaxie XL
        1969 Ford Thunderbird 429 4 door with suicides
        1977 Dodge Dart Swinger
        1977 Lincoln Mark V Cartier series w 460 hi pro
        *1979 Lincoln Mark V Collectors series 400 cid
        1980 GMC 1/2 ton 350 hi pro
        1980 Chrysler Le Baron 2dr
        1981 Dodge Omni
        *1984 5th Avenue 318 full load
        1984 Plymouth Caravelle 5 sp
        1985 Dodge 2 dr 600 2.2 turbo
        1985 Chrysler Le baron 4 dr
        *1988 Chrysler New Yorker
        #1994 Plymouth Sundance

        * Denotes still owned/stored
        # Denotes in use

        Since the drivers here are such [email protected]^%&$s, I run my little winter car and laugh when someone slides into me.The last clown in a rice burner(Murano) gave himself several thousands in damage simply backing out of a stall and into my rear corner. Fool had to pay me out and fix his car. I have more than enough to buy a new car with cash, however, new vehicles (domestic and foreign) are for the most part glorified heaps of recycled plastic and pot metal not worth a fraction of what they are sold for.I'll stick with a good investment in old iron and keep the money in my wallet not on car payments!!!
        Who's on first?..........