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    While I am not a huge sci-fi buff, I must say that the latest rendition of the campy 70s science fiction series is definetly eye-catching. What really caught my eye were the small things, how you are made to feel that this could be Earth for instance. The clothing (when was the last time any character in a space based sci-fi feature donned a suit & tie?), the S.A.C. style markings on the Vipers along with reg#s, the dialouge and terminolgy used. The way the producers give a somewhat US Navy feel to the series really stands out. Suffice it to say the visual effects are stunning and the acting unlike the horrible 70s series is first rate. While some aspects of the show are slow, the overwhelming brooding nature (which I like) and the documentary stlye camera work (constant shaking) might not appeal to all, I certainly think that this series will find an audience. Bottom line, the overall realism of the series has certainly struck a chord with me and I hope many others, so much so that it does find a fan base that will keep it in production for many years to come.

    The only other Sci-fi that really piqued my interest were Babylon 5 and Star Trek DS9. Other than that most sci-fi programs are not really my cup of tea.